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Friday, May 31, 2013

Most Wonderful Creature

picture from dig my dog
I have been so depressed when I heard the news that a dog has been hit brutally by a man just because this dog is trying to protect his masters house from this man who's happen to be a burglar and the dog has been so weak after, he can't even stand and walk, his face is so inflammed and his eyes has been blood-filled.

Another news, I have heard is when a security guard somewhere else hits the dog using a golf club, he has been constantly hitting the dog though the dog isn't fighting back and is just staying in the corner receiving this brutal reaction of the security guard and the defense of the guard? he is just trying to avoid the dog because customers of their establishment are being scared as if the dog might bite. yeah! that might be real, but do he have to hit the dog that hard? What if i'll do the same thing to him and I'll just say "I'm trying to avoid him" after? I wonder how he would react.

I always wonder how people could hurt species who can't fight back, is it because we always wanted to be superior in everything. It does not mean that we are human and we are superior beings then we could do anything on things inferior than us. In fact it defines our being human by how we treat things inferior than of us

I admit that I have been so insensitive when I was not yet a pet lover but everything changes when my first pet came. They thought me how to love unconditionally and they thought me that everything in this earth has its own value.

To these people who are torturing dogs and so as other animals, let me advise you to adopt or own a pet and not just own, try to treat them as a family and every reality will constantly hits you.

You'll realize  

- that whenever you get back home they'll always come across to welcome you and you will feel how happy they are seeing you again. A very unconditional love.

- that whenever you try to hit them and disciplined them, they'll never fight back though they can bite you instantly but they ought not too. because they love you. A very unconditional love

- that whenever you sleep, they'll ought to stay awake to protect you from any harm or danger and that is sometimes they are usually sleeping during daytime. A very unconditional love

- they couldn't be any happier just as long as you are with them, because they always wanted to be with you. A very unconditional love

- they will prefer you sleep at home for almost a day than feed them, because that'll will assure them you'll be just there. A very unconditional love

- you will see how happy they are by swagging their tail whenever you are talking or paying attention to them, a simple thing as that is being appreciated. A very unconditional love

- they will stay with you silently whenever you are sad and their presence will surely makes you recover. A very unconditional love

- they could risk their own life just as long as you'll never get hurt. A very unconditional love

I know that there are lots of thing that I forgot to include in here, however these things are one of the million reasons why I am smiling everyday and why I keep being motivated as day goes by

These things, makes me realize that every entity in this world has a value. what if a guard hits my dog with gold club or what if a burglar hit my dog with a wood brutally? I guess, I would freak out and I don't know until what extent I could do to that heartless people.

from my dogs love
When you became a pet owner or lover you will always consider your pet as your own. and you'll ask? can you hurt them? can you just sell them? can you just never let them eat? and can you just resist to love them if they are yours and they will consider themselves yours as well.

Let us all be kind to anyone. these pets will teach you how. Everyone can leave you but not them.

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