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Thursday, May 2, 2013

A New Beginning

It has been 8 months since I became a pioneer of my current team at work and aside from my our manager and supervisor we are all newbie we are all 13 then and another 3 was added into the team and it has been our team since then. But since some of us were going there are also somebody coming and the bottom line is that I have been a witness how our current team struggles every month, how our team tried so hard to make it on top and how our team members love and enjoy the company of one another. We are all friends, we are all family.

But nothing is permanent in this world aside from change thus the team that I have been working for almost a year now will be disseminated to other teams; well all teams will be experiencing the same too. We are all 11 and we will be thrown to 3 other teams: 3 of us will remain, 6 will be transferred to one of the top performing. 1 will be transferred to a new team and I (only me) will be thrown to a team wherein everyone is new to each other and I will be with this new team 2 days from now.  

I am scared due to the fact that I might not perform well because I know that I have this attitude of I will just step up whenever I am comfortable with my environment and I don’t want that to happen again.  And I know that I am not that good and I have to bring up myself so they’ll never have a bad impression on me.
But yesterday, before I go home. My future new manager gave me a message to see him and he just need to tell me something for about 10-15 minutes and so did I. I know that the conversation is just a getting to know you stage and I was not wrong as he started the conversation by asking me how am I, and if I could tell something about myself.

As the conversation continues I became comfortable talking to him and that 15 minutes became an hour and our conversation focuses on me, what I wanted to be, what are my plans and unknowingly I was able to express to him what are my plans and these conversation I never had with my previous manager. I told him what my struggles in life are and if he can understand it and he does not say yes but he will try. He also supports me with my endeavors especially my post graduate studies and he is the one giving me the best option he could. Oh, I love this Guy!! 

I went home smiling, the impression that I had before that I will surely miss my team everyday fades, well, I will surely miss them but now, I am comfortable and I just hope that I will strike out with my new team and I just hope that my socialization skills wont fail me too.
I have been burnout! I keep on saying this for 3 months now but after that talk (and it is our first talk) I have been so motivated as this manager understands me and he have a plan for me. It seems like I have to change my life. I’ll come to work smiling and looking for something great each day and hopefully everything will be consistently okay.  

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