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Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Filipino in 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

picture from thenewstribe

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2014 Winter Olympics is currently being held in Sochi in Russia and it started last February 7, 2013. We (Filipinos) do not mind winter Olympics as there is no winter in our country and some of us were not knowledgeable about winter sports but what makes us interesting to this year's event is when we found out that there will be a filipino (sole filipino) that'll represent the country for figure skating category.

Michael Martinez is a 17 year old filipino athlete who is doing his training in some mall in metro for figure skating was able to make it through the finals for the said event though he ended 19th among the 24th finalist but somehow he still makes the country proud of his dedication and strong will to let the world notice that filipinos also exist in such sports like this. 

being commended on his potential is enough for the country and we are still wishing this boy a good luck that somehow in the end he will achieve all his dreams. anyway here are his performance videos.

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