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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Last Saturday Night

photo owned by elitedaily
"Are you free! let's drink!" a facebook message sent to me by my friend last Saturday night. Well, I am actually not free that night as I'll be going to some of my friends' despedida (farewell party) as she'll be going abroad to work but knowing personalities of these friends of mine I know it'll be just simple chit-chat plus dinner and it won't hit 'til midnight so I replied "Yeah sure! 11 0'clock?" and my friend agreed. 

after the very nice dinner and chat with my college friends at the farewell party we decided to part off and one of them joined me over a cup of coffee while waiting for 11 o'clock and yet we had a serious conversation (i'll share the story some other time...) and when 11 came in, i fetch my friend and we went to our favorite place.

It was a very crowded night and we just stayed in the bartender as we shared our drinks together and there is this average-looking-guy who keeps on looking at me, well i don't seem to mind as I am not interested of him and told my girl friend that somebody is constantly looking at me and it makes me so irritated.

as the night goes deeper and so as our sanity this guy suddenly approaches my girl friend they had some conversation and later on my girl friend introduces us to each other but I never bother to had a conversation with him not because I feel so pretty but it's just that i am not interested... and as the guy went our for a while my girl friend relayed to me their conversation and I found out that the guy is interested with her and not me (feeling kasi e hahahaha) the guy keeps on stalking wherever we go to that bar that night and though my girl friend plays so sweet to me, he won't bother and there is this time he introduces me to somebody that he thing will be my type just for them to have more private convo but then the guy he introduces went out after we exchange some convo as well... I just said some lies that frightens him lol and my girl friend keeps on holding my hand to tell me not to stay away.

We decided to leave the place after a while however as we exit the place we saw the guy and I know he meant to wait for us and tell us "hatid ko na kayo (let me take you home)" it makes me scared but I know we cannot refuse. The guy is not that impressive though, I never heard that he is offering us some drink in the bar for free and never did pay for our fare (thick face! lol)

a public utility ride came in after we take off the jeepney, I know that the driver is somehow known by the guy we are with, I am really scared that night for my friend as she is a girl and I know what this guy want to her and I am just shocked that my girl friend screamed "Please stop at that convenience store!" to the driver and so the driver did and we went inside the store. the guy followed and keeps on convincing her that they'll just take me home and she'll go with him but then I grabbed my friends phone and tell them "I'll call my kuya (brother) I'll ask him to fetch me" and then after few minutes the guy said "i'll stay outside" and then after a while he is gone. But I am still afraid that the guy must be somewhere else and just stalk us right after. "Don't worry, we are in our village and almost everyone knows me here so we are now safe but as I wanted to be sure I take her home and stayed there for few more hours"

that night I told myself that it is so hard to be a girl... some guys are out there having so much cruel intentions to you.

It is so hard to be nice to people, they might interpret that you are interested of them as well.

It is hard to be a man because you have to defend a girl no matter who she is.

It is hard to be a friend as it is your duty to protect your friend or else you never was.

It is hard to be a good people as if you did not protect her, it'll bug your conscience and you cannot sleep after.

It is hard to be a party people as different type of person were around and you'll never know what type you'll bump to. 

It is hard to be gay as men will use you to get your friend. and also men knew that you don't enough power to defend them in times of trouble. But I think I did, at least I have her home safe and sound.

I wonder why there are guys like that, if he has pure intention then why does he has to invite her at home? they're just doing it for their own benefit without having respect to girls and how dare them use me to get my friends attention? hmpf

I have learned a lot of lesson that night. I think whenever we'll go out I'll ask for some men to go out with us as well or it'll me now group preferably more men or I will limit my night life.... Nah! the first will be better. haha

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