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Sunday, March 30, 2014

I Filed my Resignation

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It was March 28, 2014 when I filed my resignation and believe me it is a heart breaking story. My heart keeps on pounding when I walk towards my boss and give that piece of paper and I cannot look him in the eye either. Well, if that’s what it is then why do I have to render my resignation then?
It was a day before when this small talk with my boss triggers me to do so. To tell you honestly I requested for me to leave for a week to celebrate my birthday (which will be next week). I requested for it a month ago and I indicated all the reasons why I wanted to leave that long: of course I indicated in there that I wanted to spend my special day with me and my family in a vacation.

I believe that I deserve that treat because aside for the fact that it is my day is that I am giving outstanding customer satisfaction (not that I am bragging but it is true) I am being so consistent lately and so I really think I deserve that reward.

I always appreciate that this company has been so considerate of me before especially for my family and studies matters. However I indicated to my request that the vacation will be so important for me and still they declined it I feel not so valued for my worth.

The reason why I became ambivalent of giving my resignation is (1) I am thinking that I am maybe just mad and I don’t want to make decisions if I am in that state (2) my clients. Believe it or not but I love talking to them (not to the irate ones) and I am having such fulfillment if I satisfy them with my best service (3) my boss/supervisor. He means a lot to me and I owe him a lot and of course (4) my friends. They inspire me to go to work every single day.

But at this time, I cannot take it anymore. There are a lot of pressure lately and yet I am still exceeding their expectations but with just one request they cannot give it to me

But honestly, I am still hoping that somebody will stop me from leaving. I want somebody to let me realize that what I am gonna do is wrong.. I still have a month though

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