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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Yo' Shawty! It's my Birthday!!

forgive me with my selfies IG: drew_slut06

April 3 was actually my Birthday and it's not that exciting like my previous ones as my petition of a one (1) week vacation leave was denied and as they say it is because of my previous week leaves as well and that it is becoming a habit and they never granted it though it is  for my special day and so I am being sadder as the day is coming and this is actually what triggers me to render my resignation.

My shift that day is at 12 am and so if I'll come to office it'll be my birthday. I dressed so well that night and have my smile on my face as I started the shift but nobody seems to know. NOBODY in the office is even GREETING ME!! even my boss who has my profile! I am even telling them "Are you free later for breakfast???" or "Let's drink!!" but they used to snob me I just thought that they might surprise me with something but there are only few who greeted me and they're not even part of my team. Damn, I am starting to sulk. and so the shift ends we all walked home together and still they don't have any plans. Until one of them checked their FB and found out

"Oh My God! Drew!! Happy Birthday!!" she said and they all greeted me but the thing is they really don't know that it is my Birthday. I don't know if I'll feel happy or still feel sulk that time. I know that I am so emotional because I am supposed to be somewhere and now my friends doesn't know it is my special day. 

Anyway, they all pay back the shift after but as I said. "It's not my Birthday na! It's already April 4" haha and there are some gifts and kiss and hugs etc plus the food prepared by my sister for me I can say that it is still a happy birthday. 

I may not have a perfect birthday this year unlike last year wherein I celebrated it in BORACAY huhu but I am still thankful that I was given another year to live and notice real people who treasures me as well. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me and to all who is celebrating their BIRTHDAYS as well

Thanks for the Cakes and Photo hotelberna

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