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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The AWKWARDNESS After I Rendered My Resignation

It is a day before my rest day when I submitted this piece of paper to my boss telling that I wanted to leave in 30 days and it is then followed by 4 days of rest days. During those days that I am out of office I have received a lot of message what came up to me to make those decisions and in fact one of my friend talked to me about it and gave me some piece of advice if I have to go or not to and the ambivalence occurs after but then, the rest days are gone and it's now back at work but I am still decided about pursuing that decision.

I was not late this time. I came in early but I am not that excited unlike before and as I came in a lot of friends in the office came in and trying to confirm if what they've heard is correct or I am just giving them a good joke for the April's fools day. But I said I am serious and I have the papers ready and signed.

thanks for the photo willtravellife

Yes it is! because I am still doing my job patiently, perfectly and with quality. I am about to leave but I found myself doing my best with my last few days.

Yes it is awkward as I am working with my best and true friends who are one of the reason why it makes me so hard to leave but I just cannot hold on.

Yes it is very awkward because there is my boss and we are not even talking and looking at each other. I feel ashamed. there is this one time that I have to talk to him because I need to be absent on a certain date but it takes a lot of try for me to approach him and when I do there is a beat in my heart and I feel so kind talking to him wherein I used to be very casual.

it is now not comfortable to move after I rendered my resignation because I know that if I do too much it'll be harder for me to say goodbye if I can only hold on I tell myself. However, my performance continuously soaring (not bragging) and I decided that before I leave I wanted to leave them in a right way that I left them with good scores and not with problems.

as of today, I am still decided to go. I think that is still the right decision.

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