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Monday, May 5, 2014

Is this a Sign??

I just found this on gthe wall of one of my facebook friends. I know that this is not proven true however I just decided to try.

As the direction has said: the first three words you'll see mean something in your 2014.

I was so happy with the first three words I found and so I wanted to share that in here lol

MONEY. It is the first word I've seen and I have been praying for that for so long and so I am having my faith in this quiz haha

INTELLIGENCE was the second word I have found and I know that I need this especially in these coming days as I need wisdom and I have to critically think of all my decisions

and what makes me happier with the result is when I found

LOVE. and that what makes me happy. I will find love and it makes me want to believe in this quiz.

Haha.. XOXO

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