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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Good Friend leaved…

“True Friends are hard to find. Not all your best friends are true but all your true friends are better than best” that’s my favorite quotation when it pertains friendship and seeking more friends, yes I have plenty of friends and plenty of best friends but not all of them are considered the “best-est”. there are best friend who’s only there when they need you, there are best friends who only call you as one though it doesn’t show but most of best friend are not just best, they’re also true and this friend of mine who left is not just a BEST but a True Friend.

We never often mind each other when we are in high-school, we even never thought that we have same disposition that binds us this past few years. After 4 years from high school we celebrate a small reunion with our circle of friends and since then, we often hang out for shopping, for bar hopping, or even to share cups of coffee. We are both “gimikera’s” and we often contact each other whenever we want to freshen up our minds and enjoy and most of the time we go to comedy bars and there we laught and later on we exchanges our problem and exchange advices too. And then she suddenly said that she’ll go abroad to earn better and last Saturday, we celebrate her despedida party together with my thanksgiving party for them, and the birthday of one of our friends.

Well it is a triple celebration, but we more felt the sadness of her leaving. She have been a good friend, she’s actually our event organizer (for our get together and out of town trips etc etc) and of course, her absence will be missed.

The point of this blog is to let your friends feel how much you value them, you may never know they’ll leave you someday and never come back and guilt feeling from a friend is worse than a guilt feeling from a lover. Value your friend as if they’re always leaving… I just did, I always did and I always will…


  1. i am so touch,after almost three months ngaun ko lang nalaman ito..sobrang happy ako nataon pa na i feel so down ngaung gabi...thanks gurl...i didn't expect or neither thought of this..imissyou,i'll see you soon..

  2. You're always welcome. You've been good to me and you are valued. You deserves an appreciation message/blog. Miss ya.


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