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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Nurses have full of responsibilities and most of these are life threatening and life-matters therefore, we-as new nurses shall pledge that we must do our best to do these tasks with the best way that we can.

The Oath taking for new nurses was held in Mall of Asia – SMX Convention Center in Pasay City last September 20-21, 2010. There are 4 batches (September 20, 2010: A.M and P.M, Spetember 21, 2010 A.M and P.M) where in schools are disseminated into proper timetable and I, together with the whole BSU Newly Nurse Community, we are scheduled by September 21, 2010, afternoon (the last batch).

The Oath taking Ceremony was organized by the PNA (Philippine Nurses Association) and it encompasses Pledge to Profession and Pledge as a member of the said organization, the program also entails us to meet our new superiors; the Board of Nursing as they gave us a warm welcome and an inspirational speech as well.

It’s really nice experiencing the every step of becoming a professional, but we must bear in mind that in each step there’s a corresponding realization of the saddled responsibilities. We are not here just to work and earn but to serve and care.

Right now, we already pledged and spoken our vows thus the responsibilities is now put up with, and from then on we should practice professionalism through the things taught to us in school and being open too for the remaining facts in our future field.

Professionalism in a way what the nurse do, Professionalism by the things we give care without asking anything in return, Professionalism in a way of empathizing our patients concern, Professionalism by simply being a RN = Real Nurse :)

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