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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Poll Results

I was amazed through the flooded comments when I return into blogging after the board exam last july. So it made me so inspired to blog more but with things that mostly interested my avid viewers so I set up a poll in my archives for me to determine and as the poll closed it says that there are more or less 58 voters (because I really don’t know if others do multiple voting or so).

I’m very flattered because these numbers are beyond what I expected, I only thought that my dear 3i and other friends who know this blog would be the one who’ll vote but I assume that there are other viewers who is not that familiar who answer the poll and gave me the jurisdictions.

However, the poll is intended to determine my strengths and weaknesses in terms of choosing a topic. I presume that it will help me capture the interest of the most if I can determine which they like the most and the results are as follows:

The table shown that among the categories my literary works have been the interest by most of our viewers with 32% or 19 votes while the lowest vote was obtained by advertisements with 6 % or 4 votes. However Insights/Opinions have 31% or 18 votes and Personal Experiences got 29% or 17 votes.

I never thought that my literary works would be mostly supported as I featured only few of them here such as Sweet Revenge, The Ex matters and My Sole Fight. I never thought that it would be more appreciated by my viewers and among these three ‘Sweet Revenge’ receives more good feedbacks that was sent to me via e-mail; I never guess that this first literary post messages would be the sign that they’re loving it. Thanks anyway! However, here are the lists of the topics disseminated in its proper category just to summary the content of my blog

And look at that, I only have 3 literary works yet it was the most liked by my dear viewers. Well don’t worry guys I’ll try my best to do another great literary ads and I just hope for your continuous support.

I would also love to say thank you for the feedbacks and views for my most talked entry (here are the top 12):

• Sweet Revenge
• The Ex Matters
• To draw or not to draw the line
• Sorrows of a Nursing Student
• The Passion of war
• Travelling Helps you move on
• Sex in Men’s Room
• July 2010 NLE
• Sex in Men’s Room
• My Sole Fight
• Never Talk as if You’ll never repent

(Via comments and via e-mail and via fb too. haha)

I can never explain how I feel sharing this information to you but as of now all I want is to express my deepest gratitude of having all of you as followers. Your feedbacks encourages me to make my works better and I just hope that I will still have all you as time goes by… God Bless You All and Long live!

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