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Monday, October 11, 2010

Justice for Nurse FLORENCE

Nurse has a caring heart and it is constant, I think no nurse passed the board exam without realizing who they are, what their worth is and what would be the path they’ll come up to.

Upon studying, we all know that Nurses nowadays doesn’t offer first rate kind of employment as they are dealing with life-death situation, and what match up to it is a not-so-good salary offer which is very dissimilar to what other countries can bid. In relation to that, Global crisis disintegrated and Nursing offer abroad are being limited but still we pursue our studies though a comfortable life is now a bit impossible. Let me add the huge number of nurses now who are still jobless but are still willingly waiting for their turn to serve our nation (though through volunteering in hospitals or in community) just because we wanted to fulfill our call of duty: we wanted to serve, we wanted to give care (despite working voluntarily) yet a true nurse is still there to give his/her all and now, after all those sacrifices? Does a Nurse deserve what happened to Nurse Florence? She sacrificed but then she was abused and almost killed!

Nurse Florence is a volunteer nurse in Maguindanao via NARS Program (Nurse Assigned in Rural Service) and was raped by not just one person, and after that hilarious thing she was almost killed as evidenced by the hits and bruises, lacerations She got from those f*ck**g guys and now, I wouldn’t even wonder if she would be forever disabled.

A real Nurse has an empathic heart and we feel our deepest compassion for nurse Florence and his sorrows and we want justice for her and justice for us Nurses! The government doesn’t prioritize us though there are lots of unemployed nurses who weren’t given enough corresponding actions but we still didn’t stipulate for that, and now a nurse was there physically abused! Oh how justice shall be given, It should be given! And those suspects should be given corresponding penalties that would tell the public what’s the real worth of a nurse.

And for the rest, please always appreciate nurse’s endeavors. Nurses always care for their patients, nurses can sacrifice just for the good sake of everybody and It really hurts knowing that we might be discourteously treated by people we wanted to heed. Nurses are like your mother. A Mother who always care, and a mother who’s always willing to serve you although she knew that from the start she wouldn’t have anything in return.

Please Pray for Nurse Florence Justice!

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