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Friday, October 22, 2010

Let us listen to Prof. Winnie Monsod

Lately I just realized that I’m a bit nationalistic. I’ve an opportunity before to work abroad and at first I’m so excited to work there but then after realizing things I backed out. My family is the primary reason why I don’t want to work outside the country, 2 years is the shortest duration of the contract and I can’t bear for that 2 years of being alone, without them by my side. Secondly, I will definitely miss my country. I was born here and therefore I know that I was meant to be here forever: I have plans of going in other countries as well but only for a tour, I never dreamt of staying there for a long time, Working abroad isn’t always the answer to have a beautiful life, I believe that it’s all with the dedication and determination of each person. I love my family and I love my country and I cannot afford to mislay these two love of mine.

Let us listen to Professor Winnie Monsod, an economist and a professor at University of the Philippines for her wonderful thoughts. Let us reflect that working in other countries isn’t the answer.

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