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Sunday, October 31, 2010

To Forgive is not to Forget

Forgive and Forget. We usually say it whenever our friends had a trouble and you want the old times get back again, it’s nice to get the usual thing again but it’ll never always happen because I just found out how hard to forgive and then forget after.

I’m a kind of person who can swallow pride to save the relationship but I’m also a kind of person who’s after swallowing pride yet no consequent effort from the other part then I’m ready to let go and once I said I let go, I won’t get back to it again as much as possible. It’s not that I’m having a tall pride, my soaring pride usually takes place after I give my lowest one, so I think it’s not bad saying “I give up” though the other party says “I’ll give up for now, let’s reconcile later” but I’m not that kind although I allotted time for healing purposes, yes! It is always needed in certain misunderstandings. It is a vital feature that will help fix things, but it’s better to say “We are not good for now..” than saying “We are not good!” cause it just elucidates that both parties are not good and you put it in a closed ended manner.

I’ve a lot of foes. Not actually foes because I hit them up in school in verbal, physical or any other means. We usually became friends at first but ended it by misunderstandings. Misunderstanding that I tried to fix with my best efforts but that efforts wasn’t appreciated and not answered in return, so I can’t do anything about that so I just let that misunderstanding be misunderstood forever than trying to fix it, when the initiatives is only within you.

It’s not good to have a lot of adversaries, but it’s not healthy as well to have none though there a lot on your back. It’s better to set off things, than pretend that it was fixed though it’s really not. But I’m not angry with them; I also care to them… News to them will be an input but still, I don’t want to be involved in such news with them.

Maybe I can forgive because I still Care but I think I can’t forget the unappreciated efforts with no corresponding deed from them.

I tried to fix it. They did not. Let time tell if we’ll be able to fix or not.

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