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Sunday, May 22, 2011

On Pursuing my Studies

Nursing career is really going down low here in the Philippines as there are numerous nurses which are considered competitors in the field. Hospitals require several trainings and services to be with their facilities but it doesn’t mean that you can get it through. Despite of that limited opportunities in the hospitals are the limited opportunities in other field; Call centers commonly preferred non-nursing graduates or perhaps non-RN, same scenario with med-Reps (medical representatives), as much as possible they don’t want Registered Nurses but Nursing graduates. So who would want to be a nurse now?

I had this encounter with my co-alumni who fails the board examination twice “Are you going to take the July 2011 Board Exam?” I asked her “No, I don’t have any interest in nursing now” she answered back, I actually wanted to debate with her statement but I stopped when I heard her reasons “What if I’ll pass the board exam? Would I have a job without having freaking trainings? Wouldn’t be a barrier if I’ll apply to other field? I suppose it is now considered a minus factor to other companies… so why should I try to be an RN then if I’m happy with my work now? I think it is destined for me to fail the exam twice for me to visualize that there’s no future in nursing”

Well she had a point, but how about us? RN’s? shall we stop too? I guess so, as Nursing here is really the opposite of the last decades demand.

But that didn’t stop me. Instead, I just enrolled for masterals last week and my class will be on June, I wanted to explore more of nursing, I wanted to learn more and I wanted to prove everyone that this is not the end of our career. We can have it all if we’ll just make the right effort patiently.

I wanted to excel on my profession and having a degree can make it a lot more easier and I’m sure with that.

Nurses, never stop dreaming.

I just did and I know, I’ll be successful soon!

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