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Saturday, May 7, 2011


I received a message from my friend and she’s inviting me for their celebration of annual barangay fiesta, I am available for that day and I’ve been so excited to see her and then I suddenly thought that she might invite our other friends too then I got even more excited because after 7 months of no glance from each other, we will be reunited again.

As usual, I was late… I have some trouble in our house that I really have to settle soon and they’re hurrying me since they get there and after several hours we finally met.

The day was absolutely full of exchange stories, laughter, funs, songs (due to the videoke) and drinks (cheers! Haha) but you can really feel the excitement from each of us, until we spent our night there and just get home the day after.

It’s so nice to get in touch with friends; well we used to be in touch before but not when we all have our own career and striving for success, how I wish that we could do this scenario every day, or every week or every month… but I’m not threatened by the absence as I always know that we well be true friends deep inside our hearts.

Love you friends too, like they loved you J

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