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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Failed Leadership

“Do you remember Matt?” my high school friend asked me, well I obviously know him as I abruptly answered and asked

“O, what about him?”

“He got plunked out from his work wherein he just stayed there for only four months” my friend elaborate

“Why? That’s his first job right?” I asked

“Yes and I guess that would be his last as he really had a bad record to the company and it might be a paucity if he’ll apply to other company now” and then she narrates what happened after.

(I’m not gonna elaborate where I met Matt as some people told me that I’m spreading rumors to public though I never named them anyway; This article is an issue of course but I didn’t intend to evoke someone, I just wanted to share the morale of the story and reflect on it too J)

Matt is an obviously newbie to the company wherein he took the risk to handle a project though without any consent from his bosses, we actually don’t know how it happens; we don’t know anything how their company works but one thing happened: he failed, and that project is the last option of the company for that account, of course everybody fails one moment in time but what’s ridiculous is he promised that his service will worth it though he doesn’t have any skills on it and now the endpoint is they all failed because of his over confidence

Was it just confidence? I asked and I told my friend “I was not surprised” after I’ve heard the story.

I had a fight before with Matt. We’ve been in a team for a project that constitutes my profession now, the team hails me as the leader but Matt insist, so I just let him.

As the day goes, Matt keeps on telling us that everything is getting better, he keeps on commanding several things from us which I think is irrelevant from our project, but then since he took over the responsibilities we just let him be the commander until certain trouble happens… we just found out that there’s no progress with the project hence it doesn’t have any direction at all and worse thing is it should be sumitted within three days…

So I lead the group, we spent two days and three nights for it could be on the submission day in a eminence manner.

Everybody is having nice response with my authority while Matt keeps on telling

“Why should I follow your command? I’m the leader of this group!” and “Why are you discarding my works? It’s all correct!” and “Why are you ignoring my opinions? I know what’s good, I researched about it!”

stopped asking damn questions when he heard what’s within my unstoppable mouth.

“If you know more than anyone else then these papers wouldn’t take four weeks to make!” I yelled “Look at your work! It’s a crap; none of us agreed that it has any relevance with the project! You just wasted our effort, you just wasted our time, you wasted our money and you wasted our trust on you! Never owe a responsibility if you don’t have what it takes Matt!” I saw that he got offended to it, I’m pretty sure.

Fortunately, the project (I lead) turns into a victory. Thanks to my teammates who worked with me.

I actually salute marks initiative to take a lead but sometimes initiative’s isn’t a key, Initiative must always comprehend with aptitudes where Matt is lacking off. I really don’t know if Mark just wanted to impress his bosses or he just keeps on wanting to lead although on the first hand, he doesn’t really have what it takes to be a leader, I mean “A Good Leader”

It is not a sin if we wanted to lead a team, a project, an organization or anything but we should keep in mind first that looking forward will be a best discernment, let us analyze first if our skills could handle such thing plus let us all be reminded that great leadership depends on leading your followers, not just merely working alone.

It wouldn’t hurt if we’ll wait and let experiences and oppurtunities builds up our leadership skills and with that, I know we can all lead perfectly.

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