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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Doctor-Hopper

Whenever we are ill we used to make it on our own first (I mean the remedies) but if our body is seeking medical attention due to your ill’s severity we ought to consult a physician for better treatment on it.

Signs and symptoms will be noted that will come up with a diagnosis, Diagnosis will inform you on what illness you are having and this will shift on the treatment proper.

But what if you consult different doctors and they’re having different diagnosis? Will it leads you to confusion then? was confusion brought by the doctors or you confuse yourself alone?

I have this old friend of mine who used to have problem whenever he’s been in a medical facility.

“Why is my doctor giving this?” he used to ask me, then I’ll explain the indication of it and its relevance with his diagnosis “Why am I diagnosed that way then?” his next question, then I’ll explain it by taking it with the sought signs and symptoms “Hmm… I will not drink this medicine still, I don’t trust what that doctor said, I don’t believe her and I’ll shift into other doctor”

Then after his next check up with his new doctor he asked me his similar question

“Why he diagnosed me this? While my other doctor diagnose that…?” then I explained that different illness sometimes has same signs and symptoms thus doctors sometimes interpret it as this or that “What if the meds he gave me will harm me more? They’re doctors and they should be expert on diagnosing diseases” he reasoned out “I will never go back to that doctor and I will never follow his prescriptions!”

Then he got sick again after a week and I explained to him that non compliance with his doctor’s prescription might be the cause of the severity of his disease then later on he found out that he already has a high risk of having a stroke or CVA (cerebrovascular accident)

I never encountered this issue in any of my subjects in school before, well I ought to interpreted Doctor Hopper has hypochondriasis (refers to excessive preoccupation or worry about having a serious illness thus patient hops with different doctors until they heard what they wanted too) but this one is different; he was never looking for more serious illness, he was actually thinking he is healthy without even knowing that he is about to have a worse condition.

What I know is that “Anxiety” shall be considered in every scenario like this, we must consider that person undergoing such thing will be having anxiety when wants not met and in this case my colleagues want is rejecting doctors because he thought he knew better than them. Ah! It might be narcissism, haha

Well the word “Acceptance” will be the key to get through it, let us accept the fact that physicians knows better when regards to that field let us entrust our self to them and they’ll give it back to us worthy, besides it’s their oath to serve their clients with the best thing they can and acceptance that we never know all things in the world, that’s why education is always constantly evolving with us, it demands us to discover things to learn as if we all know all things in this planet, then we are not a normal human being J

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