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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I almost never made it on deadline…whew!

This month workloads has been so tough as I just found out lately that the information I am currently having is not updated and is lacking details and other means.

Thus I keep the files updated: I was actually working for it for two days and I found out that there’s a lot more left behind thus I have to repeat all my works from January of this year up to date. Well, let me tell you this, each months’ minimum works is 50 products and a maximum of 150, look how huge this will be in 6 months.

But I don’t have any choice, I don’t wanted to left them behind and never minds it; well you all know that I’m a bit conscious with my works and I wanted all be polished. I am concerned about the next one who will be seated in my position (sounds like I’m leaving lol)

And there it goes, it is now the 4th week and I am still working with my products, there are actually few left behind; but I still have lot more to do: Results interpretation, Documentation, Copies of documents in every aspects and filing and of course obtaining products for the next month.

I started documenting 2 days ago and I was actually racing with time and thanks to my helping and fast hands I finished it just today June 30, 2011 at 4:00p.m. wherein it shall be submitted before the months ends… luckily I’ve made it 30 minutes earlier than the deadline

This month has been a challenged for me, I used to submit my reports a week earlier but this workloads really test my capabilities and of course I wouldn’t let that test get over me, I should be the one who’s controlling it so I can further develop my skills and capabilities.

I was just happy that my bosses recognized my concerns and my efficient work.

But I have a problem now, I just found out that documents were wrong since it was published; I have to repeat them all and this time it’ll be from year 2006 up to present, ow! My headaches but still I have to consider this as a test and not a burden :) Good luck to me

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