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Sunday, June 19, 2011

My First Day in School… Again!

I almost run when I am taking the way to my first subjects’ room for today, it is now 8:30 a.m. and I am now thirty minutes late, I was hoping that my professor is not there yet! He/she might scold me that I should act professional now that I am for the higher degree. I know that professor in higher schools are strict and plucky, and it would be a shame of me to the whole class.

Luckily, there’s no professor yet. I just saw my new classmates chatting with each other so I can now breathe by and large so I occupied the most comfortable seat for me and wait till the professor drops.

But the assistant of the dean entered the class to tell everybody that our dear professor cannot make it for the day thus we don’t have classes with him (who’s handling 2 subjects with us) that’ll lead to conclusion that our next class is by 3pm (which is 6 hours from the time we were thought that there’s no classes)

But that doesn’t end the day yet. Some of us seize the opportunity to get to know each other and make friends since almost all of us were new and never knew each other before. So a gal approached me and everything is indescribable of how we get that close and then, she makes friends with others too.

Actually some recognized me: “you’re a blogger right?” some of them said, I was flattered that he knew my blog though I never knew what’s on his mind: if he’s in favor or against of my writings.

Some asked “you are from SRG right?” (SRG is my review center when I was about to take the July 2010 NLE) “You used to entertain the class with your intermission number together with your group!” she added and at that moment, I really don’t know if I’ll be proud or I’ll be ashamed of it. We (together with my 2 other group members) used to sing and dance for them as requested by our reviewer during dull moment and I’m proud to say that they liked it. but I never thought that it’ll remark somebody to notice me as an entertainer though haha

We part our ways after hours of chatting our next class will be after 6 hours so we thought we have to rest instead of killing time for nothing. So I went home and have some nap then get by the class by 3pm

My new found friends are still there and we chat more since our professor is not there yet again. We talked about what’s going on in nursing scene here in the Philippines and so as the limitations and red flags when searching for job and it’s a sad fact that all of us agreed that nursing here in our country varies only with limited jobs and opportunities though we are licensed and a graduate of a high, noble and thorny profession.

And after an hour of chatting, we are then informed that our professor cannot attend us due to medical issues
So the conclusion would be: there’s  nothing happened for the rest of the day but making friends J, not bad. I expected that first day in college will turn out this way anyway

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