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Friday, June 24, 2011

Question of the Day: Matalino ba sya (Is he/she Intelligent)?

Lately, it seems like everybody asks me this question and of course they are asking about certain person that I knew longer and better than of them

And whenever they utter or ask 

“Matalino ba sya? (Is he/She intelligent?)”

What I am answering is 

“Define Matalino (Define the word Intelligent!)”

Oh Come on! It’s not that I am being an arrogant or being over confident that they’re-nothing-compared-to-me, but I don’t wanna give false statement because I don’t want to be judge as a wrong information giver.

I always consider that every person has their own definition of things especially to such personal things like this, as for me, Matalino (Intelligence) is not just merely pure intelligence but cleverness on applying it on our personal life thus I/we called it Wisdom and I am putting aside intelligence because I admire people with one and the same intelligence and wisdom. As what I’ve said ang matalino sa kin e hindi lang kasi basta matalino dapat magaling din (For me, a true intelligent people are not just intelligent but they’re also good) am I saying  a true intelligent people are wise? haha

“If you are pertaining with the real meaning of the word Intelligent then I must say yes! She is really intelligent and it came to the point that I envy her, It came to the point that I am asking myself why is she that intelligent? Why I didn’t have those brains?” I answered one of those who asked me “But later on, I wanna thank God because he showed me what I need more to life”

 I’m not telling I’m good or so good, what I mean is that I know I don’t have that superior intelligence or the best assets of being good but I’m trying to be the best I can be and be the best for people especially for those who expects a lot from me.

The girl we were talking about is a graduate from the number one school here in the Philippines but flanked out of the company she just gets in because of her lack-in-application

“You are right, I heard that she is really brilliant and brainy but what made her kicked out of the company if her lack of application of skills that she just learned from her alma mater” the one who asked me stated after

At least they got my point in the end somehow. 


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