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Monday, June 13, 2011

Banal na Aso! Santong Kabayo!

Thank God! I almost took a deep breath when we’ve been allowed to take our seats, that opening prayer was so long and it seems like it took the whole time allotted for the whole agenda! I’m not kidding! If you’re just there I know you might describe that long prayer as a novena.

I’m not a Satanist or an erehe (people who disobey church canons) but I can’t find any reason why that woman should pray that long wherein she just repeating what she just said; the event is just a monthly meeting and we ought to pray briefly besides we all have our personal prayers done (I guess so)

But it’s done and I don’t have the guts to tell that woman about this issue so I just take it on my own but what shaken me is when I heard this woman talking to the janitor like

“Pu*** I**** yan! Ginagawa mo ba ang trabaho mo? Ayus asyusin mo naman! Baka ireport ko yan sa amo mo!( What the F*ck! Are you really doing your job? Then make it properly! Or else I’m gonna report it to your boss!)”

She shouts at the janitor because she found this little mess at the ladies room that she never liked.
“Sorry po ma’am!” the janitor said

But instead of forgiving him, she shout and said “Leche!”

Another one

 “Ano bayan!! BullSh**! Tignan mo kung ano ang ginawa mo!! Tatanga-tanga ka!(BullSh**! look what you’ve done! Idiot!)” she yelled at a girl who bumps her and accidentally pours her coffee in her dress.

“Sorry!” the girl apologized

“Put*** In**g Sorry yan!(F*ck that Sorry!)” she answered back instead

And then

“Narinig mo nab a ang balita na nakunan yang si Mary?(Have you ever heard the news that Mary (not the real name of the girl) just had a miscarriage?)” she told me one time “at ang sabi pa, yung nakabuntis e may asawa at anak na! Adulteresang babae yan!(and her boyfriend already has a wife and children! Such an Adulterer!)”

Another one

“Sabi nung isa kong kaibigan bakla daw yang si Jake, ewan ko ba bakit di umaamin yan! Ex kaya sya nung friend ko at ang sabi pa mahilig daw yan sa sex, nagka-STD pa daw kaya daw hiniwalayan nya na..(One of my friend says that jake (not the real name again) is Gay! I don’t know why he’s hiding it but it’s true, he is the ex of one of my friends and he also said that Jake was promiscuous and he obtained STD and that’s the reason why they broke up!)”

I frowned instead of being thrilled because of her rumor. What she just said wasn’t her business anyway and try to look at her; she just stated a very long prayer with all her sincerity but look what she’s doing. Scolding people who’s mediocre than of her, spreading rumors she doesn’t have to get involve in that might later on hurt the parties involve.

Oh yes! I’m not this Mr. Perfect who never did these things but I am not this fake faithful human who seems like you-must-listen-to-me-when-i-pray-because-I’m-faithful-to-God!

“You know what? Your faith to God was just wasted with your attitude” I frankly said. Then I never talked to her again. But I didn’t spread that it was her.

Then when she was about to do the next meetings closing prayer, I walked out. I think I wasn’t prepared to hear a prayer from fake people who seems to be very religious but with worst attitude ever

If you can’t justify this kind of personality then better be a simple person! And don't try to be a SAINT if you have a SINNER stances

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