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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Tale of Impartiality

I just heard a rumor last night about certain thing that troubling my friend. She is in the business field; she graduated Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management in a prestigious school and is currently taking masters’ degree for it and right now, she was employed in a manufacturing company as a marketing staff.
And now I just heard that there are some grievance going on with the company and it so happened that my other friend is involved.

So, I don’t wanted to drive into a conclusion yet especially when my two friends are involve, I don’t wanted to be considered bias or one-sided but when I heard the whole story (not from them, but from other people) I think things that I don’t wanna do (being bias & one sided) wouldn’t be through as I admit that I am into the right side; the right one for me.

But now, before I tell you the whole story let us call Friend #1 (the one who’s Marketing graduate) as Anna and my friend #2 (the other one involve) as Nick

Working for a year in that company with all her dedications has been the passion of my friend Anna, I can see that she is trying to work hard for that job and her dedications and plans are soaring “I wanted to be the head of our department and I’m gonna bring that company to number 1” she even told me last time, and it’s not impossible with her, she is really goal and career oriented woman and with her work performance? I think she can really make it to number one. I seldom wonder why is she that motivated? Her salary is not that good anyway, and I salute her for that, she doesn’t mind that the company isn’t paying her the right one for her good jobs and dedications.

On the other hand is Nick, he is the son of one of the board of directors of the company and because of that he got hired to the company easily and is working with a good position and salary as well; he is in the same department with Anna. But as of I’ve appraised, I can’t see any seriousness in him, I can’t recall any moment that he is talking to me about his job and his plans for it. I often saw him online on facebook during work hours and some people even told me that he used to pass his job to others and let them do it all for him, he is always late, always absent, and whenever he is around he just seats at her mom’s room and just play dota or any computer games there that is why they’re calling him “Mr. Pabigat (burden)” as they all consider him one because instead of just doing their own works they have to settle his because they don’t wanted to be scolded by one of the most powerful person of the company.

The head of their department resigned recently and everybody expects Anna to be the next head but everybody was disappointed when Nick was designated to be the new head of their department.

Anna was crying over me and I understand that she is crying because she deserves better than him. Anna is a Marketing graduate and she fits with the position while Nick is just a graduate of Computer courses, the supervisors evaluated her as the next head but not when Nick’s mom decides and it’s bring everything with iniquitousness.

“You should get out of that company! They just pay you with a crap and yet they’re doing this thing to you? Working in incorporation like that will just drive you crazy because of injustice!” I told her but I was astounded with her answer

“I actually thought of that, Drew” she said “but I can’t afford to leave it if it’ll be handled by a person who doesn’t know everything about it. I must still be professional and help him in anyway, because I still care for the company”

I wanted to slap her on her face but it makes me hug her instead and said

“You are such a martyr and yet I adore you for that!” I told her

I really can’t figure out why there are the existence of greedy people who implements inequality and doesn’t takes it from a person’s qualifications and I think this is the main issue why our country isn’t growing.

The company should be thankful that they have Anna, they still have a loyal employee that in spite of her unfair salary and unfair bosses decision is still there and is still willing to help just for the sake of the company’s progress.

Please do appreciate their existence because if not, they’ll soon realize how blind they are, soon they will leave you and soon you’ll be alone with your prejudices. Grow up people, you must realize how lucky are you and all you have to do now is: don’t let those lucks slips. 

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