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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Overconfident

“I’ll sing!” she offered. We are in an acoustic bar and the band is asking for the audiences to sing. She wanted to sing and I don’t want her to sing. She also asked our company (our other friends), nobody responds, my other friend just looked at me and I know she is telling me to stop her because nobody wants her to sing, but she insist, she volunteered! The band called her and we can’t stop her, she sang and it’s really not good.
I’m not telling that she isn’t a good singer because I’m better, I don’t believe I sang well but I have a bit knowledge about music and I know what’s flat and what’s not and unfortunately she is on flat, totally flat. I and my friends felt a little embarrassment to the other audiences especially when she recognized us as her friends on stage… then I told myself à I am really a not so good friend because of her. “Do you like it?” she asked after she just sang. “I think wrong choice of song” I answered

Another day, we are in a party and its pure fun! A disco mode party, I danced, we danced, she danced but someone stole the show because the guy dances well, the crowd is not intimidated but enjoyed watching him dance instead until she went on the dance floor and dance with the guy as if having a showdown, but she can’t dance! She really had a stiff body dancing there, she is out of the beat and it drives us insane. How I wish I could stop her! Everybody is laughing because of her funny movements which she thought well, I wanted to disappear that time; I mean me and my friends, can we claim we are not her companion? That would be reckless that is not a good friend thing… “Did I beat the guy? Am I better dancer than him?” she asked after. Nobody answered, but I can see my other friends’ giggles.

We are in a conference, the speaker is asking for a debate for certain topic, she volunteered, she boasts that she is from the state university, she is very confident, but the crowds laughing whenever she answers back to her opponent, I actually heard someone said “I can’t believe she is from the state university! She has very shallow opinions!”

She has a huge smile on her face after the debate; her chin was up as if bragging “That was just so easy! I won a debate again!” she told me,

“Do you think so?” I asked

“Of course! It is obvious that I am better than my opponent!”

Then one day, she called me up asking for us to have a drink, she said she has problem and I cant say no to her, besides it’s her treat anyway (hehe)

She cried “I just resigned!”

“But why?” my other friend asked

“I was not promoted! I really thought I was me! I am better with my other co-employee! I deserve that promotion!” she said “I asked our supervisor, why it wasn’t me? She just said why she shall promote me, when there’s better than me, but I know that I do more good stuff than of my co employee who just got promoted! Then I threatened them that I’ll resign if I’m not gonna have that promotion, she just said she is expecting my resignation paper by the afternoon because she never need such uncompetitive employee like me, she is not right diba?
“Maybe she is right, somehow” I suddenly said, no one can say those words to her because she is very sensitive and she often takes thing too personal “you know, you are not the only human in the world. You aren’t perfect actually you are not close to be one! Yes you are from the state university but it doesn’t mean that you are the most intelligent people on earth claiming you can defeat everybody! You are not a good singer either because you are out of tune! You aren’t a good dancer because you have such stiff movements! You are not a good debater because you have shallow points and you are not the best employee because your supervisor will promote you if you are one! You are over confident! You aren’t perfect, you can’t have everything you want!”

I can’t sleep that night because I was thinking if I hurt her a lot but if I didn’t tell those words to her then who will do it for her? Who will open her mind that what she thought was okay wasn’t really okay? Who will tell her that what she thinks is great wasn’t great but a disaster instead.

It is okay to have such confidence in us but let us set it with limits because too much expectation will only hurt us, it is more fruitful to have success with humble beginnings than with arrogant belief.

I received a private message a week after from her.

“Thanks for opening my mind, drew. But that doesn’t mean you are better than me na J

Then I asked myself upon reading “is there any changes with her overconfidence or it worsens instead?” 

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