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Monday, November 14, 2011

Bigger Responsibilities

I remembered my elementary days when I am just an ordinary student then. I play, I chat with my classmates and pal, I sometimes bully, I studied at home (sometimes), I am only responsible for myself, I never been an officer of the class nor an organization, I am just the leader of my own.

When I entered high-school, I was given just few task; a secretary of not so active organization, thus works and responsibilities are very minimal, I’ve been selected as group leader sometimes but  then I’ve never been an officer for class or any other organization.

My first big role was when our class president resigned from his position, right then, I wasn’t elected but pointed out by my classmates and since most of them were my friends duties are all trouble-free, I was elected as the class president of my new section the next semester but at this moment, I admit that leading and managing the section....

...wasn’t easy as almost all of the faces were new to me, right then, I concluded that I am so inexperienced somehow. I never been an officer for the next sections until I graduated though I handled several large projects in school, I still decline whenever people tends to allocate me as I believed that there is someone better than me, who can serve them more courteously.

But since the beginning of my new class in graduate school, the class voted me as the class secretary… actually, I never imagine that someone will nominate me and then the majority of the class will vote for me. they’re all new to me and I think the history (which happens to my second presidency) will repeat itself, but then I did my best to give all their need esp. the professor and the president and I am happy that I think I satisfied them.

On the second trimester, I actually intend to escape on the first day of the class to skip from the election of the class officers, I wanted to rest form it, and I wanted the class to select better leaders but when I just get in to the class the class still elect me, but now as a class president.

It is so nice that people behind you trust on your capabilities and I realized that I should never disappoint them by declining but give all their needs with me as their leader and manager.

But I’ve never imagined that the whole MAN (Master of Arts in nursing) student will hire me, together with my classmate (the president of the first trimester) as the representative of the department in Graduate School Association.

Did I over satisfy them to select me into this bigger role? I still don’t know the answer.

We stepped into the assembly of all the representatives from different Master degree program for the said association, I almost backed up when I saw that almost all of them are older than us, I mean we are fresh graduates, we are 22 year old while they were almost from 35-60 years old. And then, we select our club officers, we’ve never been selected (me and my friend) and if that happen, we both agree that we will decline because the organization is so huge and I think we have to learn for those who has the more experience, but still we will be the delegates of all the students who falls under Master of Arts in Nursing in any major and in any length of stay.

And then I suddenly asked myself if I could carry the responsibility? I’m not exaggerating, but upon the platform of the association, I concluded that there will be a huge responsibility for me, and so can I withstand it? can I implement it suitably? Or will I just get negative feedback as I am so inexperienced?

At the end of the day, I talked to myself (silently of course, they might think I’m crazy haha), that there are several people who chosen me not just because I’m one of confident people who can represents the department, they chosen me because they trusted me and they believed that I could do my duties effectively as they assessed it maybe and all I have to do now, is give my best to never let them be disappointed of me and I am hoping for their full cooperation’s too.

So help me God.s

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