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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Too Many Expectations…

Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao, he just won again on his fight with Margarito… although the result of the fights received certain questions and doubt still, Manny won, he just bagged another Filipino pride.

On the other hand, congratulations to all the Filipino athletes who just competed in the recent 26th southeast asian games in Indonesia. The Philippines was in 6th place (out of 11) with 36 golds 56 silvers and 77 bronze which comprises 169 medals for the country. Most of Golds were under Taekwondo and Boxing with 4 each while athletics contributes 16 medals for the country; 2 golds, 9 silvers and 5 bronzes, they’re efforts are very much appreciated as Filipinos are happy with the honor they just brought…

But wait, it seems like not all Filipinos are happy with the Philippines standings in the SEA games… as I heard that there are certain politician who were kind’a disappointed that they just bagged 6th place…
My eyebrows really raised on how these politicians express their disappointments to Filipino athletes, well at least they are calling the attention of the government to please maximize the support on our athletes… but what makes my eyebrow raised was the fact that they didn’t even support our athletes on their own, so what is their prerogative on expressing their opinion then?

What I mean is that, Pacquiao had a fight in las vegas last time wherein Filipino athletes were also having their fights in Indonesia… but where’s our congressmen? Our governors? Our dear senators? Our other political bodies? They all scattered in the arena where pacquiao is, supporting what they call ‘filipino pride’ (if it is really the real meaning of pacquiao’s fight for them) and none of them even went in Indonesia to supports our athletes, well actually even our dear president (I think) never had any personal encounters with these patriotic-heart players, even a simple words of encouragement hasn’t been settled and yet they’re disappointed upon what these athlete just brought to us? They should be disappointed of themselves first I guess… because they never faced in front of the mirror first before they utter unflattering words then… it is never been our athlete’s fault… Paquiao just had a grand welcome party, but our SEA games athletes? I doubt.

My dear Filipinos, Pacquiao is not the only Filipino who can bring honor to our country, there are still numerous athletes who wanted to try everything just to bring us some pride and make us proud, all they need is support.

I really felt some emphatic feeling for our athlete for receiving these words of disappointment from those who they expect will support them and will be proud of them at first.

Well, no matter what happened my dear Filipino athlete, you were all heroes and I am so proud of you all and I know that there are lot of people who felt the same way as I do.

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