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Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Social Worker…

As a part of my bigger responsibilities, the first project of the organization is about an outreach program, I actually thought that the whole thing is boring and it’ll be not my thing as I have been into several outreach program when I am in college and it focuses on interviewing people under the sunny weather and showering with our sweats but this time, the outreach program isn’t usual, as the outreach program relies on people on prison.

Wow! I whispered when I was informed about the program, I’ve been into prison before when we had our documentary in high school and my knees were actually shaking and it is obviously because of fear. I am scared that those people could do such harm to me if I would do anything not nice, but this moment, my knees never shook, but loosened up.

The prison is not actually the usual prison we often see in drama series, the prison is actually a part of the usual prison where in the inmates are in minor age. I remembered my first impression when I entered the facility “I should behave, these guys might do bullying and I can’t fight with them as they can still do harm on me” but I swallowed what I just said as the guys were all polite and respectful, I wonder how they were taught with such conduct inside the jail.

The event was actually filled with program and I have been actively participating with the games cooperating with my team mates who were actually inmates and exchanging humors with them as if I’m their age and it’s really a nice thing having a bond with these kids, well I mean it I have regrets for them telling myself ‘if only these kids just never did those things that let them put into that four cornered jail at least they can still fulfill their dreams somehow’

I wanted to help them actually, but I am not a lawyer, I am not even a rich man to provide them one, I can’t support them as I lack funds, my capabilities to helps was very limited but I know there’s a thing that might help them and I think that would be through interacting with them as if telling them that they still had a friend who is concern and who is willing to be there for them and of course through our prayers.

I will definitely be active with this project, my hearts urges me to serve them with the best way I can and share the blessings that I am continuously having so far.

Look how fortunate are we, we are free to do the things we all wanted but let us bear in mind that we must accountable in everything we are doing and we don’t have to be in jail just to realize how lucky we were.

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