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Friday, December 23, 2011

My Most Meaningful Christmas Party Ever…

I just had numerous Christmas Parties this year… Our Company Party, Our Classroom Party (wherein I am one of the program’s head), our Production Department Christmas Party, High School Friends Party, College Buddies Party so on and so forth and I enjoyed it all, they’re all meaningful but the Christmas Party that I just hosted and organized this was considered as my most meaningful Christmas party ever.

I’m not saying that my other Christmas parties were not meaningful to me, they’re all meaningful actually but in their own special way… it’s just that, this day’s Christmas party was held inside the juvenile prison of Malolos, Bulacan… the one I’m blogging before that I am being exposed in social working. (See the link here) and I think it is more meaningful and happier if you were sharing your blessings to others, especially to those who needs it the most instead of buying luxurious things right?

I really can’t explain how exactly it feels whenever I am in that place, I really love the company of these kids, they’re not KJ (kill Joys) and are so cooperative and seeing them having fun was overwhelming, I wonder why I never realized before that happiness from helping others was actually different from the typical happiness we are constantly having.

I feel more overwhelmed when the kids appreciated my efforts and it only give me more urge to do more good things to them, well this isn’t actually our last visit… there still more interactions and visit to come and I will definitely do my best to let them realized my worth, I mean to let them realized that it is still fun to live though in that situation.

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