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Monday, December 26, 2011

Quality Service Please....

I woke up late this morning and I just decided to take a leave than have a half day at work as my nose is running, I am having an allergic rhinitis. So I decided to take my medications after I cooked and ate lunch for me and my kids as I know that it would put me into sleep and yes it does. I slept 3 hours this afternoon.

I decided to buy my kids food and snacks as I woke up and later on go into my favorite hair salon to have a haircut.

“Anong gupit? (What type of haircut?)” the hairdresser asked me and so I elaborate the style I wanted, as he cuts my hair he keeps on asking if it’s okay then until he said it’s done… well it’s not actually the kind of hair I’m expecting but not bad though…

I went to a fast food located in City Malolos Crossing after to take home some dinner when a crew really pissed me off.

I took my line in this counter and he (the cashier/crew/order-taker) is really timid and slow and when it’s my turn, he suddenly disappears, I just stares at him where he is going, he chats with his co-worker and after a minute gets back to the counter and do some stuffs.

“Is this counter open?” I asked and I even speak in English; I used to speak in English suddenly to people who is really wrecking me.

“Yes, sir! So what’s your order sir?” he asked

Then I told him my orders as he punched it on his machine… so I paid and he gave me my change when a woman suddenly tells him “Pwede pa-add ng Prents Prays? (Can I add some French Fries?)” (am I mean? It is exactly how the woman said it, I just wanted you to figure the real scenarioJ) and then he nods and when the lady pays he gets his order quick and it’s pissed me already, Imagine? I waited there for some while and then, he would just provide his service immediately to the lady who just came after me?

He just provides my order right after the lady left. Well, yes I could consider that the lady is just asking for a fries which is just a piece compared to my orders but I came in first right and besides the lady never seem to rush anyway and I think the etiquette of ‘first come – first serve’ shall be consider in this scenario.

When he obtained my order he just placed it on the bag as if it is not a food. The container of the food almost breaks and I am really condemning the presentation of his service but then, what I did was I put all my orders out of the plastic and place it again in a nicer way.

“Am I OC?” I asked him as I figured him to gaze on what I am doing “I never call it OC, I call it Quality Presentation and Quality Service” I sarcastically said as he doesn’t have any of those. (anyway OC stands for Obsessive-compulsive)

 The manager suddenly came in…

“What’s the matter sir?” he asked me

“Nothing, I just repeated the packaging of my food since your staff never seems to know to put it properly in the plastic bag” I just said and left but before I exit the fast foods door I came back and I saw the manager talking to his staff.

“Excuse me….” I called their attention, the manager entertained me “Can I ask for my receipt?” I told him and he taps his head before obtaining it from his crew. They forget to gave me my receipt.

“I’m so sorry sir” he apologizes from his staff’s inconvenient service, and gave me my receipt then.

“Alam mo, sa ibang fast food once they forget to give the customers receipt they’ll charge everything for free” (you know, in other fast food chains, once they forget to give the customers receipt they’ll charge everything for free).  I said, the manager just smiled at me, I think he has nothing left to say “And I suggest for you to have a suggestion box somewhere here or an evaluation tool rather, to determine the feedback of your every customers” I told him “However, Thank you”

“Thank you sir, enjoy your take out” the managers told me. I just don’t know if he really means it or what.
Well, as a customer I have the rights to comment on their service right? And as a professional enough, I even did it in a nice way though. I am just so disappointed with what happened and I just hope that they’ll improve on that.

I even commend this branch with my colleagues before that I am so satisfied with their service but with what happened? I think my impression on them would be back at 1 out of 10.

I am not asking for this guy to be perfect, I just want him to provide quality service as he is taking care of their company’s name. Though he doesn’t have an eligible position to that company still he should act like their representative: in care and in service.

I don’t think when will I get back to this fast food chain branch again after what happened but I will definitely be back and I just hope that they’ll improve somehow on my next visit.

Haix I thought BIDA ANG SARAP pa naman… 

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