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Monday, November 7, 2011

A Good Teacher

Despite of my fear of outdoing in class due to my very cutthroat attitude, I still go on and shown myself. And now, I was tasked for a report/presentation for a very crucial yet interesting subject to be tackled and it is all about being “a good teacher”

I seize the day to prove to everyone that I also have the competence to be one of the bright students in school and that I could go with the flow…

I was the third reporter last Saturday and I really don’t know what’s bugging on my mind as my heart beats fast though it is not my first time to present a lesson in the class, actually I’ve been in front many times and they provide me a good feedback telling me that I nailed it, that I did good (I am not bragging, you may ask them if you want some proof) but this time is barely different and it seems like my first time…

The discussion went well, the class was actively participating though the discussion went for more than an hour and it is a relief seeing some of them agrees with my viewpoints or explanations… and what surprises me was... 
...their loud applause after the discussion and the words of encouragement from my professor is very overwhelming, it is actually my first time to receive such compliment from that professor telling me that I did good, and that I could be a model of what I just discussed which is all about being “A good teacher” and a congratulatory message from the class was also supplementary to that overwhelming feeling I am having, in fact some of them now, calls me ‘teacher’

But at the end of the day, after thoroughly understanding my report it actually not the impression of the class which overwhelms me but the fact that majority of the class understand what I just taught and that some of them even recalls my viewpoints as their explanations to their report in other subject

I think, the occurrence told me a lesson: Never impress them with your skills, Impress them by making them understands it. 

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