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Monday, September 10, 2012

Model Employee Awardees

I still recall that day when I am freaking in need of cash, I only have 20 bucks in my pocket so how can I go to office with that? So, I hurriedly went over the nearest automatic teller machine (atm) near our area to withdraw some and what surprises me is a long line of withdrawers, actually it is a very long line, the longest line in atm I have ever encounter.

not the actual scenario
photo courtesy of j-on-news
But I have to wait as I don’t have any choice anyway, and it took me almost half an hour just to get my turn when some intimidating thing happened…

I am supposedly the next one when two ladies stand in front of me as if they are cutting the line, actually they’re cutting the very long line, they’re dressed well and there’s an ATM in their hands and yes, I know they will use the Machine… but wait! Isn’t it there’s a line and they should be at the back instead of cutting the line? I’ve waited for long just to get in my turn and they will just cut the line and have their transactions effortlessly? And you know what? As I figured out, these ladies are employees of the said bank.

Holy Crap! That is so disappointing. The bank which I trust has this kind of manner. They didn’t even said excuse nor even asked for permission if they could go first, they just cut the line and do their transactions and worst, the guards didn’t even mind… well, obviously because these are his bosses.

But do you think what they did is right? Because for me, it doesn’t mean that if you’re an employee of the bank then you have the rights to just interrupt the long line. Isn’t that they have their own system inside? Didn’t they think of those who waited for long just to have their turn?

I wonder what kind of professionalism these lady have, what I only knew is that, what they did is obviously wrong.

I didn’t nag these ladies though some of the people behind me did, I just pray for them to adapt the real professionalism that they must portray especially in front of their clients. Because If I were in their place, I won’t overuse my power just to have everything I wanted effortlessly and that is simply because I know that I am a real human, I can empathize and I am a Filipino.

The name of the bank??? Let me just give you a clue (1) Shop and Swipe (2) Let’s make it easy.

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