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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Power Trip

It’s been a long time since I experienced being power tripped; a thing wherein your superior will use their power, influence, friends with higher profession etc to you and you can’t do anything with it as they have more power than you.

What’s with power tripping by the way? Isn’t it that only Filipinos were the one doing this as they are so fond of tele-novelas? Or Filipinos are really having big heads if they will grab power and they wanted to tell everybody that they have come that far?

It’s not actually wrong to tell everyone about your accomplishments in life but to use it to step on somebody’s foot is actually not right.

If you are just yearning for respect then that is not the right thing to do. Do you think that if you stepped on them then people will still respect you? It won’t actually makes you powerful, It makes you look like pathetic as you have to these things just to get noticed of your power.

There’s one thing I have learned after the instance that I’ve been tripped; Power tripping won’t makes you look like powerful, earning friends will make you look like one as at the end of the day if you loose almost everything in your life then you still have somebody to lean on, unlike these people who love to stepped on somebody, they’ll end up tripped by their power tripping.

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