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Sunday, October 7, 2012

We are not just RNs!! We are RNs!!

I was once asked about which Pre-Medicine course is better and I answered ‘Nursing’ without any doubt and I expound it by saying that “Yeah! We might not have the broad medicinal knowledge as physicians have but at least we have all the foundations to it thus, I think nursing will be beneficial as well”

After I said that, an acquaintance answered back “No it should be Medical Technology, because they study almost the same thing as what Physician takes in medicine proper” actually with an eyebrow raised

“Well, I just stated my opinion” I just said smiling, I am not opposing her opinion anyway

I am always proud that I am a Nurse with Units in Masters (actually almost finishing it! Yipee) though we all now that nursing in the Philippines is really not well nowadays but still when people asks me what course did you take, I answered “Nursing” with my chin up and if they asked if I am already licensed I used to say “Of course!”

I may sound so arrogant but I am not. I am just proud that I’ve finished a course who is not just hard but is needing a lot of heart for you to understand its concept and I am proud to say that I am not me if I didn’t took up nursing, because nursing really builds me. Yeah, I am so proud that I am a nurse but it didn’t makes my head grow big. I know the trials and hardships of nurses around the world thus I won’t let anybody says something not nice regarding Nursing.

But as I was browsing facebook, there is a photo which is going viral. It is actually a series of conversation between two people who is talking about which pre-med course will be better and I didn’t like what I just saw

Here’s the picture and be the judge

Well, As what I mentioned a while ago I won’t let anybody say something bad with Nurses! Grrrr!

Okay, then let me just state a message to this Mr. Medicine boy Dward Cortez Sealmoy Jr.

You know what Mr. Sealmoy? You don’t deserve to be an MD at all! You don’t have respect to the other people especially to those nurses who might once took care of you whenever you are in the hospital what more with you future patients? You are just a student and you never gained anything and yet you are having this big head already. You said during the conversation to stop premed courses discrimination and yet look who’s talking? You are just actually discriminating nursing as premed course but nurses as professional as well. You are the real pathetic here Mr. Sealmoy and you don’t deserve to be an MD

Anyways, I commend the other party or the RN in the conversation, you ought to stop and divert the topic when Mr. Sealmoy misunderstood your point. I salute you for that! You deserve to be an RN!
I am talking as a person here because regardless of your course, profession and/or attainment you shouldn’t discriminate anybody right? Mr. Sealmoy might feel that he is being cyber bullied but hello?!! Who caused him to be bullied anyway?

And I am calling the attention of PHILIPPINE NURSES ASSOCIATION regarding this issue. You shouldn’t let people to just disrespect nurses like this! You are so futile for me, I can’t feel that I have an association who can protect me! PAWS is better actually, at least they file cases for animal abuse reports!

And for everyone, let me tell you this. We are not RNs for you to treat us just like your nanny’s! remember that your Physician are those who checks you and we, the one you’re considering nanny were the one who is monitoring of you 24/7! We are RNs and we might not have Hematology, Serology, Immunology, Comparative Anatomy etc. but at least we have a heart that will still be willing to take care of you though in the first place you all don’t care to respect us at first! and we are not just an RNs!! We are RNs!! 

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