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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Childhood Friends Reunion

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I am really having second thought if I will go though I am the one who organized it. I am so afraid to show myself to them. Well, not actually afraid that I am so scared and I am avoiding them because there's something not good that happened in the past but I am afraid that they might tell something not so good about what I am now.

To tell you the whole thing. Today, at 8 p.m. in a not so crowded place in bulacan, Me and some of my childhood friends decided to meet and believe it or not it has been  11 years since the last time I see them and now I wonder, how they are and I wonder what they'll think about me during the meet up.

I lived in many places in Bulacan, I spent my first dozen of years in district 4 of bulacan and of course I have met a lot of friends there that I really do treasure while the other dozen of years of my life were spent to the town I am currently right now, and I never been to that place I was before. Thus, I never kept in touch with them, we all just met again in Facebook and all agreed to meet and have a nice update-chat.

But it's been 12 years and I can say that I am totally different now. I know I really changed a lot. From my appearance, with my charm, with my attitude, with my character and my way of life and what I feel so pressured about is their impression of me after all of those years. Of course, who wanted to get bad impressions anyway?

But time has been so fast. 8 o'clock came and we all met (well, we've been completed by 9:30 p.m. Argh. I did a lot of effort to be on time and yet.. hmmm forget it) and yeah, we had a lot of topics to be made and never made the moment dull.

One of the most intelligent and consistent honor student from the group became a Nurse as well and she is so proud that she have to take the NLE twice before she could pass it (Well, at least she tried and tried and she passed) and now, she's working on a private hospital near our previous location and though compensation is not quite good still, she is satisfied with it and I am happy for her. The other one from the group who has been known as an intellectual guy is an engineering graduate from my Alma Mater (Oh, I wonder why I haven't had any glance of him there. Hmmm... maybe because of the different buildings) but he did not took the board and work at the nearby Shoe Mart (SM) Mall from the area. Well, good to hear that he is striving. Some of them became a sales clerk, some of them became a small business owner and I am glad to hear that most of us were in the good track

"How about you Drew? Tell us something about you" one of them asked well of course the conversation is in Filipino/tagalog

Oh I really don't know how to start. It is okay for me to tell things about me but hey! are they going to believe what I am going to say? That I graduated highshool in a University? that I took up nursing in college and finished it in Bulacan's number 1 University wherein I remember that during my elementary days, highschool students wanted to at least study there? that I took up NLE once (just my luck)? that I am currently in Masters? and that I am working in a BPO company? Well, its not that I am bragging but I am just confused that they might tell me that I am just making things here. I know that I am just a very ordinary student before and even constructing a simple English sentence is real hard for me. That I didn't even know what's the tagalog term for Hammer. That I don't even know what are the part of speech. That I don't even know what is matter? what is mass? I having hard time to add, subtract, multiply and divide fraction before (well, up until now...) so how can I justify it? I am just a happy go lucky before. I don't even know what is reviewing is for. I always came up during exams without even browsing my notes first and I always wonder why I passed. ahahaha

"I am a nurse graduate" I started and I stated my school after "Actually, I took up Secondary Education first, major in Physical Science but I realized that I wanted to finish my college with a medical background so I took up nursing" I expound

"Physical Science? you mean P.E (Physical Education)? sports? dancing?" One of them asked.

"No!" I defend "It is barely different! Physical Science is a branch of Science that deals with non living things. You know? it is the opposite of biological Science? so we used to study more of Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy and many more"

"Wow! That's hard!" the honor student/Nurse said. "How about your nursing career? are you a board passer?" she asked

"Yes!" proudly "I took the board exam last July 2010 and I luckily passed it"

"So where are you working now?" She asked again

"I am currently working in a BPO company" I said "Actually, my first job is Quality Control Analyst in a Pharmaceutical Company, so that is like being a Chemist but I resigned after a year and 2 months and decided to a better payer and fast career growing BPO's and I am loving it so far, I love meeting and working with different people anyway" Oh, another changes in me. I used to be snob before but now I love meeting new individuals and socialize with them

"Isn't that's too easy for you?" one of them asked, it seems like they're discriminating BPO people (that's just my judgement hehe)

"I used to tell that before. but working in a BPO company is the most challenging so far to me. Imagine, talking in straight English isn't easy right?"

"Correct!" the intellectual/Engineering graduate guy agreed "I used to apply there and I've been with 10 company yet nobody hires me as my english sucks! I really thought that you can get through just as long as you know how to speak in English but I was wrong"

"Exactly! and another thing is dealing and explaining things with people is very stressful especially if they're upset with what's going on their account. You can't help that but you should help them understand and that's what's stressful about it" I expound further

"How about your nursing edge? are you going to just waste it?" The honor/Nurse asked

"Nope. I know that you all know that nursing career in the Philippines isn't good right? but I know that Nursing will eventually go in its edge soon. I am just waiting for that. and besides, for me not to waste my time of being un-updated with nursing trends, I took up my Masters a year after I graduated so, literally I am on the edge of nursing and earning better degree on the other hand" I said

"Wow! I am so afraid to take up Masters and besides I don't wanted to study again" the nurse said

"There's no such thing to be afraid of. That's one of the biggest regret I had now, I suddenly realized that I should studied better when I was young because lately I realized that Education is an investment. The more the education you have, the more it could strive you to success. Actually, I only have comprehensive exam and thesis left on my Masters and I am also planning to take CPTE, Masters in Education or having a Doctorate degree, I love to study things now, and I just wish that I could achieve all these plans"

The night has been good and I just hope that they did not take my sentiments as if I am just bragging because they're all true. It is relieving to see that despite of my petix mode when I was young, wherein people are not expecting me to be like this. I am still motivated and I earned something that will make myself proud.

But I am not here to brag that I am better than them all. I am here to tell you that don't judge somebody at first because you'll never know they might be the one on top at the end of the race.

In the end, It's nice to see them though. :)

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