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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Long Weekend.... You Wish!

Oh... I love it whenever November is coming, I remember that it is the time where we, College students will be having our first long vacation as it is indeed our Semestral Break, that after struggling with our homeworks, long lectures, midterms examination, case studies, Nursing care plans, final examination, boring duty (lolz) and so on, we are finally free and is hoping that days would be extended and give us enough rest before the next semester.

But I graduated last 2010 and work and November has been one of the most foreseen days as it will give me long weekend as November 1 and 2, sometime October 31 was always declared a holiday thus, It'll give me longer rest period and I am being paid for that. Of course, I'll visit my love ones in the memorial park and will spend some couple of hours there but I am still relaxed, stress free and resting.

But not now, I am now working in an International Company and we don't have holidays in here, though we are paid doubled during those days but still, I still miss those days wherein me and my friends used to have halloween party somewhere and now everything is totally different. 

But then, I should realized that things will never be the same before I entered this industry right? and so I should move on and adjust on it. So, I just visited my loved ones during my off and get back to work as usual.

and besides we should never be disappointed on it because we are gonna be paid in double plus the night differential will be doubled as well, thus I should be looking for a good pay instead lolz

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Enjoy your nice long weekend everyone!

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