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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I am not Sensitive, You are just too Offensive.

from DotMmoGame
 I admit that I've been in a phase wherein I am so sensitive. That even a single unlikable word will really piss me off. But as I have learned and grown up matured I have realized that being too sensitive will never really help me at all, so I became more understanding and patient.

I remember that the last moment I have been offended was when I read this article about Nurses, I even had a blog on it We are not Just RNs!! We are RNs!! and when I experienced being Power Tripped and being Bullied (I guess) and these three issues are very obviously offensive at all but now, I just experienced one of the shit-est offensive thing ever!

First Issue, In some activity, we have to look for a partner and I was partnered with this girl and since we were partnered we are supposed to help each other right? One time, she was having trouble with something whivh is very unusual and since I am her partner I said “Wait, I will look for some help” and so did I. I called one of the people who obviously know the answer and they respond and approach us. But the offensive thing that the girl did is that she still stood up and is calling the attention of the other people who knew the answer though I already did that. My eyebrow raised, Is this girl has an issue on me? I said I will call for some help right? But since I tried to be more understanding I just let it slipped and said that maybe she is really panicking that moment

Second Issue: Is an issue that happens a lot. I often see this girl at the bus when I am heading home but then, this girl seems never noticed me as all! As in Deadma!.. even when we’ll bump each other while walking she never even smile or say 'hi' as in deadma lang talaga. I even remembered when this girl closes the door of the elevator when I was about to come diba naman?. And one time, I let him pass and ride on the elevator and I just waited for another one just to never be with her then.

And the last issue. Is when she is asking for some help for the issue she can’t resolve (again). I tried helping her with that though I am so bitchy of her but since I am trying to avoid my bitchy attitude I stay calmed and friendly and I know I gave the right answer but the girl asked for some more help, wherein they just told her the same thing, she did not even say thank you for helping at least. I just let it slipped, I just said that maybe she really wanted to make sure. But the damn thing is she keeps on doing that thing and it is really pissing me off!

I tried telling this to some of my friends, But they said that I am just too sensitive. They said that she is just like that, she is not that approachable but she is trying to be friendly as possible and that I just misinterpreted everything. But damn! Am I just sensitive or she is just too offensive? I know that she is not that friendly but is it enough grounds to do such thing like prig you down the corridor or even closes the door of the elevator for you not to hop too? A simple thank you would help ease the situation of answering her queries then why can’t she do that if she is really trying hard to be friendly or not to offend somebody with her freaking attitude? And this does not happened once. I am not that obnoxious to treat things like this if it just happened once. Duh?!

I know that you cannot please everyone but if that’s the case then stop doing things that will freak them out right? I am just so offended of all the things she did and so I decided to stop minding her, not talking to her and not approaching her at all as it’ll be less stress on my part.

And let me tell you this.

Stop thinking that I am trying so hard for us to be friends because I am not. I am just trying to be nice but If you don’t like me then just say so, we don’t have to pretend that we are good anyway. Be professional at least!

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