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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Recently, a video of a school girl confronting a lady guard in LRT - Santolan station has gone viral in several networking sites. I had a glance of it on the day it has been released and I just said “Ah, okay” and then browsed other things in facebook until I saw one of my friend commenting the video and well, it is not just a usual comment as she is so irritated of the video, of the girl I mean.

Photo courtesy of PinoyAmbisyoso
I really have nothing against the girl on the video, I know that sh*t happens for once in a while. Everybody has its own bad side and the sad thing on her is she got caught by a video, it was uploaded and there’s a lot of people who judged her right away. She got bullied. Tsk..tsk
People are so inconsiderate. They did not even realized that the video just ran for a minute and it did not captures the entirety of the story. It seems like watching titanic by its ending wherein it is about to sink, you never know what causes it to sink right? And yet, we keep on nagging.

It is just pure temper and I even commend her that she has the guts to do that. There are numerous guards (and so as policemen and women and those who are fire armed) in LRT 1, LRT 2, MRT and in somewhere in the Philippines who are so really annoying. They will even shout at you in your fault wherein they can tell it in a nicer way 'naman' as if they are so superior that coz' they have their firearms on them. Luckily, I never experienced being shouted by a them, well maybe because of my intimidating looks that scares them to shout at me or else… I will be having a viral video too. Lolz

Yeah. It is right that the girl should settled it in a calm way instead but people are just people, her stressors are just triggered. She did not point her superiority either! Did she even tell “You are just a guard” on the video? or even taps the guard on her shoulder as if starting to make a physical fight? (unlike the MMDA bully guy) Thus she still have the what we call ‘Education’ left on her. I know she is not mad at the guard, she was mad on what the guard did to her.

I know that there will be a lot of people who will be against of what I am saying right now. But I just learned from my mistakes, from the past. And look how the life of this girl has been ruined? She stopped schooling because of the fear that there might be people who will just hit her all of a sudden.

Let us all be considerate not just with this situation but on our everyday lives. We keep on saying that we shall not judge and yet in a glimpse of a minute video we keep on saying what we want. This thing was supposed to end at that LRT station but somebody extends it by uploading it and let us not tolerate it anymore okies? J

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