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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I wanted to have another degree….. again!

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It’s been almost a month since my last day of regular classes in my Masters. I just earned enough units to take my comprehensive examination and after passing the exam, then I will be set for my Thesis making-proposal-defense-revision-defense-revison-defense (lolz) etc. and It seems like I am not yet satisfied that sooner I will be having another abbreviation after my name, I wanted another one.

I still can recall when my father ask me “what I want to be when I grow up’ for the first time. I said I want to be a doctor, because we often go to my ninang (Godmother) for my medical check up and obviously she is a doctor. I really love it when she recovers me from my illness and since then I ambitioned to become a doctor. I even dreamt of being a Pharmacist, a chemical engineer because I wanted to make and discover new medicines, I dreamt of being a Physics Teacher, A Journalist and a TV Reporter, A successful business manager, a theater actor, a restaurant owner. But despite of all of my dreams I end up being a nurse. But I don’t regret that I became one. In fact, I am so proud of it. It is one of my big dreams and ambition.

And now it seems like I still want those ambition to happen. Recently, I am suppose to enroll another degree I just never did as I really have to work though I really want to. ‘If I will be given huge money? I’ll refrain from working and study again as much as I wanted to, with all the degree I wanted’ I said and it’s freaking weird that I am so lazy studying when I was young, I even don’t like to attend classes and yet now I am yearning and wishing that I could go back to school again or maybe I just realized now how it is so funny to be in school and now I wanted to earn degrees as I believe that the more you earn it, the more chances for success. Education is really a treasure, we just don’t know how to use it right.

I wanted to advise everybody out there that if ever you have something you wanted then don’t let that thing go through, if you have all the chances and resources then seize it! not everybody are being given a certain chance. Because if I will be given a chance again, I will certainly go for it and will grab it with both of my hands so tight.

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