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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Last Day in School

Yes! Fortunately and literally speaking it is indeed my last day in my Masters class because last Saturday, I just finished and earned my 36 units that will allow me to get the comprehensive exam by December and if I pass it will allow me then to defend my thesis.

It has been a year since I enrolled to get a post graduate degree which is Master of Arts in Nursing. I am always been dreaming to enter this field as I wanted to facilitate and teach nursing students and will soon develop young competitive nurses like me (chos!) as well. I was actually inspired by my mentors to aspire this and I know, that yes, this might be not the right time to have the degree (as nursing in the Philippines is kind a disaster nowadays) but I still pursue it and I know my time will come that I will be like my mentors too.

I still can recall how was my first day in my Master was. It is ‘of course’ the getting-to-know day and election of officers’ day too. Honestly, when my classmate started the introduction I was actually thinking of how will I say my part as I really wanted to impress them but how can I? there are lots of tenured staff nurses in big hospitals, head nurses, chief nurses and academe instructors as well, and me? I am just, oh, forget about it.

“So why did you decided to take up Masters?” I remember my professor asked me in the middle of my introduction to the class

“Well, it is because having Masters degree will definitely give me all my ambitions. I will be able to teach, I will be able to be a head nurse, I will be able to be a chief nurse and I could be the College dean if I have it, there are lots of benefit for my profession if I have it” my most confident answer, thinking that life is so easy once I have it.

But I think, my aura makes me be known at least. I was elected as the class secretary then. I was actually shocked when they elected me. I never expect that they will give me such responsible like that wherein we have lots of (as what I’ve said) tenured staff nurses, head nurses, chief nurses and academe instructors who are more competent than of me doing it. Thus, the challenge was, I should never disappoint the class. And I think I never was, as I have been elected as the secretary of the class for my whole Masters stay and aside from that I was elected as well, as one of the two MAN (Master of Arts in Nursing) representative for the whole Graduate School Government plus the fact that in that School Government, I was elected as the Coordinator for Internal Activities. Wew.

Responsibility is one of the thing that Masters have thought me, I should be competent enough or else the whole MA will suffer. Confidence is the other thing, I still can remember how I was timid then but as days goes by, MA itself and the people boosts my confidence and I freakingly love it when they use to commend me after each of my presentation and reports. Questionning is one of the things as well, I used to ask especially those things I didn’t know, I used to learn from their answers and I hope they have learned from my sharings too. Conversing, I began love talking to other people though those whom I really don’t know at first, MA makes me be talkative and have a strong personality and it’s a good feeling having a lot of friends than of foes, waving them at you saying ‘hi’ at the corridor flattens me a lot. Talking with higher position officials is one of my fears before but now, I mostly volunteer to talk to them, Oh, how I love getting bright ideas from this very experienced people and the most important things that I obtained from my MA class are my friends. I found real good and true friends wherein when I am helpless they’re the one who took care of me and bring me home (I know that they know what I mean)

Some of my found True Friends in MA
I will really never forget this wonderful experience that I had in for semesters and 36 units of existence in my MA. It might be short but it thought me a lot of things that I should bear in life and now, this wonderful experience inspires me. It inspires me to pass my comprehensive exam, to wow my panel during thesis defense (too ambitious) and to aim high that I could be successful or even much more as what my mentors are.

Second Semester MAN block 2. 

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