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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

10 Great Things of my 2012

Let us all be thankful that we have been given another year to stand up again and though 2011 has been so harsh to me, 2012 at least helps me stand again somehow. Well, in fact as my tradition: I have made a list again of 10 Great things that happened last 2012.

1. Resignation from Work          

thanks to Michael Rosmer
Well Yes, I am considering it as one of great things that happened to me this year it is because aside from the relief of the stress from that work and that working environment, I can sense that I became better now: Better when it comes to professionalism, work ethics and a better person. 

2. Emotional Stress Reduction (friends getting back)

Kudos to Tashy

I reconciled with my ex-friends (they’re too many haha), there are no forum or talk, it just happened and I just told myself that It’s okay, they’re all welcome if they wanted to reconcile but I just don’t know if I could get everything back, I know you know that I was hurt and it’s not that easy to forget but at least I forgave.

3. My Wonderful Bolinao Trip

Me at Bolinao

Oh yeah! That wonderful and peaceful trip of mine to bolinao really captures my sentiments away. I remembered how problematic I was that time, I can still recall how broke I was but after Bolinao made me realize that I am good and that I can succeed after that trip, everything went so well.

4. New Industry

Thanks to TimmyBoy for this

            I just had my second job and it’s very different from my first one. I now decided to enter international scheme and is now working an American company. I presumed that this job is the easiest, not actually the easiest because qualifications are hard to meet but the in-demand in our country thus I decided to enter it and besides I wanted to prove something to myself, I wanted to progress.

5. We just moved to a better Place

thanks to the owner of the Pics.
forgot the link.. peace :)

            After having some pocket relief, me and my sister decided to move in a better place. It is just few meters away from that apartment we use to rent for almost 3 years and this time we will now be renting a house. I took it for peace of mind as well, at least it’ll be a house and that we’ll never mind people next doors. We have our own garage now that I am so sure my kids would love.

6. Another Company for Work
photo from Startmeup

            I never stayed quite too long with the first international company because of some personal issues but after a month I have moved into another international company who is having almost the same operation. I thought, I still have to commit to this as I said, I wanted to prove something to myself and I haven’t got it yet.

7. I’ve been awarded as the most outstanding in our Training

from If you will Lead

            As I moved into my new company everything went so well unlike in my previous one. I was actually awarded as the class valedictorian and I never actually thought of it, everything seems to be meant for me. Actually I don’t wanted to be awarded as one as I know it’ll be additional pressure for me as there might be some expectations after that. Well, I bet its just that I am being paid off my hardworks during the training then

8. My 10 Shooters Experience lol

            This experience has been the nastiest and the coolest one for this year. We actually went to Kaytsan Bar in Malolos somewhere in September and they actually have this ‘dare’ of 10 shooters that if ever you will finish that 10 shots of alcoholic beverages mixes you’ll have a Jacket saying you can survived it and you’ll be included in their wall of fame. Me, my friend Paola and her boyfriend Carlo tried it. Carlo finished 6, Paola got 4 and I did 5 so none of us passed into it. I actually though I could still bear it and it’s just nothing because I even had a sober conversation with my college friend there until one time I just puke in and slept. My friends say the bouncer lift me and bring me to the car and the rest were history. I just woke up I was in a uncommon house. And every shameful-embarrassing experience were told by my friends that morning and I just keep on laughing though I really feel so embarrassed but aside from that shameful yet funny experience I just proved that I have found another set of true friends who took care of me when I was wasted

9. I have earned my necessary Units for my MA

Kudos to the owner of the Pic. Lost the Link

            Just last October I finished my final semester for my Masters Degree and I am now in a phase of defending my Thesis Finally! But the problem here will be the funds for that friggin thing! Where the hell could I have it? lol

10. My Boracay Trip J

me at BORACAY :)

            Though we were not complete that trip we (me and my friend George) still manage to go there. Boracay is really one of the most wonderful place I have ever been as aside from the nice beach of it, it makes me forget all of my burden even I that 3 days of escapade. It never makes me think of the pain I just had recently but it just makes me realize that whenever you are there all you have to do is enjoy that is why I’ll be back there soon J

additional: Better Financing

from incbeat

            I am almost broke last year all of my savings were thrown away and now thankfully everything is getting better. I am now earning. Thanks to my new job who is giving me doubled of my previous salary haha and it really helps me funding at home I just hope that this will still continue and makes me have what I had before.

            Though there are years that make me feel so down there are still a lot of years to come that gives us hope to start again and make everything better. 2012 makes my year better than my 2011 and I just hope that the following years will keeps on getting better! And so as you guys! Cheers!

Cheers from The Girls Guide to Good Beer

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