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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Bastos

I think this is the first time I almost made a scandal just because my temper bursts. You know how I am trying to be patient as I could and you know how I wanted to be nice as possible to everyone but this flock of people I encountered a while ago were so annoying! They’re so unprofessional and they’re so bastos (unetiquette).

kudos to this picture from Pacific Standard

I’ve been having a serious business for this institution for more than 3 years now and our previous relationship has been good somehow though there are some misunderstanding as this is money matters. Now, this institution is a Realty Institution located somewhere in Quezon City and is well known for their projects in the Philippines, In fact I believed they have an advertisement somewhere. I was having trouble with one of our business partners who is not paying for her amortization for more than 6 months and I keep on reminding this institution to take corresponding actions with that since it is their responsibility. I keep on doing follow ups every month and yet there are only minimal feedback from them until I received a text message from them last January 9, 2013 (Wednesday) saying that the business partner shown up and already makes all her payment she supposed to be having before so I went there today to clarify things with them.

But as I get there the person who is happen to deal with my transactions is currently on a Vacation leave but I still insist if there could be somebody who might answer all my puzzlement. Now after waiting for almost 30 mins, that person came and just gave me minimal explanation and when I asked “Why aren’t you updating us on what is happening, you said that she had shown last December then why didn’t you even just tell us” I asked, of course it is my right to ask as I am a co-owner

But un-empathetically, he answered 
“because we don’t have something to tell you”

Yeah, he is freaking right but do I deserve that sarcastic answer? This guy really messed me up and it makes me start to question him more just to show him that I am not happy with the dealings anymore and when he can’t answer my questions anymore he referred me to the collections department, particularly their Head to have my questions answered.

But the ironic thing here is I feel unwelcomed by that head, she doesn’t seem to mind offering me a seat when she saw me, she just said “Stay there for a while” my eyebrows really raised, these people are so un-etiquette until one of her employee grab and invited me to take a seat in front of that Collections Head Table.
She lets me wait for almost 10 minutes before we start and I asked her my queries directly as polite as possible although she is un-mannered when she approaches me but the thing that makes me real pissed is that when she said

            “Oh! E nagbayad na nga e! Oh ano pa ang problema? (She already made her payment, so what’s the problem now?)” Sarcastically

             “That is why I said in the beginning ‘I just wanted to clarify’ right?” I answered back her rudeness with all sarcasm

            “Oh, ano ba ang problema mo? (So, what’s your problem with it?)” she asks

            “I just wanted to ask if she has been fined for not paying for a long time” I said
            She pointed her pen “Eto oh! (here!!)” she encircled that amount in that paper report

            “So for how many months would that be?” I asked

            “For this month!” it seems like she’s annoyed! Well, same here

            “Are you sure? So meaning to say, she still owes us 5 more months??” I clarify

            She paused and looked at the paper and then look on her computer and tried to do press her calculator too.

            “And I was informed that there are post dated checks, for how much and how many months would that be? When will it start? Does it mean that those post dated checks will cover her past dues?” my questions, I am so pissed with her and I want her to feel the same.

            After 10 minutes she answered back “here’s the summary” she gave me a print-out and she said these words in tagalong “She gave you payment for three months and the post dated checks will be given by February she just gave one post dated check”

            “Really? Then why it states here that there are three checks dated the same day?” I asked sarcastically

            “If that so, then expect another three payments for next month” she said, as if she is just giving this information to make me stop

            “Okay! That will be a lot better!” I said then I stood up “Thank you for answering all of my questions” I smiled at her and she smiled back although I know its fake then I said “YOU ARE SO NICE!!” then I walked away

            I know she is staring at me while I am walking away because of my sarcasm. Well, it is actually not enough to repay her un-mannered, en-etiquette and unprofessional becoming! She does not deserve her position!

            Then I went to the guard and gave my visitors pass, the guard thought I hit the Id hard on his table but I did not

            “Anong problema sir? (What is your problem, sir?)” the guard asks

            I just smiled at him saying that I did not intend to and ask “Shall I have to log out?”

            But instead of answering my question the guard started to challenge my temper

            “Porke ba Guard kami ganito ang trato mo samin? (Is it because we are just Security Guards so you are treating us that way?” the guard nags at me

            “Manong, hindi ko kayo inaaway (Sir, I am not trying to make a fight)” I defended myself

            “Eh bat ka nagdadabog? (then why did you hit it?)” the guard continues

            “Gawan ba ng Issue? (Stop making it as an Issue)” I said

            Then he keeps on telling things and nagging again, until my temper bursts again and again

            “So ano ipinaglalaban mo? Gusto mo mag Scandalo ako ditto? Gusto mo magka Amalayer Scandal Part 2 ganun? (So what do you want? You want me to make a scne here? You want to make an Amalayer Scandal Part 2, Is it?)” I am trying to keep my voice in low tone

            But the guard won’t give my I.D instead he copied my name and said I will banned from that institution so I just said

            “Is this how you treated your customers?” I asked “How I remember how you treated us so nice when we were starting, and now you are treating me like this?” Still, my tone of voice is still not shouting 

“This company is so PATHETIC!” I grabbed my ID and walked out
            I don’t know if I am not right in the situation above but I tried to be as patient as I could, As professional as I could and as demeanor as possible but these people really makes me screams that all my virtues were gone in just a snap and I have verified that these people really exist.

            I wonder how these people still exist especially those who are having the position in that company. They are so rude! They are so immoral! And it seems like they are uneducated as they’re so Bastos when they’re talking to me wherein I am trying to be so nice… they shouldn’t be working there, there are a lot of people who deserves their position better and will portray it competently. They shouldn’t work in that company if they are that rude, we can talk it in a nice way as I initiated right? But they really pissed me off with their ka-bastusan! (un-mannered attitude).

            At the end of the day I still commend this people because they are still in their jobs after portraying this worst attitude. In business, we should treat everybody like how we wanted to be treated.  

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