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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Subic Madness

with one of my best girls : Paola 
“Let us go to Anawangin on January!” one my friend invited me last early December of 2012 to celebrate the post birthday of one of our dearest friend.

But instead of saying YES I declined and said “I think I can’t, my boss will scold at me as I already told him that I will be taking Saturdays of January as my leave as I have to attend our Comprehensive Examinations Review and the day of the exam itself plus my sister will be out for couple of days so I have to be at home to take care of my kids”

And my friend empathetic-ally said “Okay, I understand”

And just as I thought that they do understand, I still received this message “Drew, I already booked for our Subic Trip on first Saturday of January! I already paid for it! So just save that day okay?!”

After reading that, I scratched my head and said “These friends of mine are always unstoppable  I think they don’t know the meaning of the word 'No' haixt"

And what can I do? The trip has been settled and planned thus I went with them last January 5, 2012, the first Saturday of the month and of the year to have my first year’s trip.

But the birthday celebrant wasn't able to come as he spent the rest of his last night dancing and flirting with some other guys and drink to death thus he is having a hangover and can’t even stand that day. But the show must go on! I have already been lectured by my boss before I could go on this trip thus I don’t wanted to waste it. So me and my two other friends who are happen to be couple still went there and since I came from work and I don’t have any sleep at all I still manage to wake up and enjoy that trip

We just took public transportation to get there then, we don’t have any car and that’s what I am worrying about before that day, I knew that there are no public transportation inside Subic so how could we get to our destination then?

We took the Bus from Manila to Olongapo and we hired an SBMA taxi for the day, though it’s a bit pricey, we still managed to take it just to get in where we wanted to.

We go to Zoobic Zafari first, it is famous on its Lions and Tigers who were living there and I enjoyed it. You know how I love animals. I felt so peaceful when I am there and I have learned a lot of things about them too.  It seems like we were kids in an educational field trip in a 2-3 hours tour.

Photo courtesy of Philippines Place

one hump Camel

Close encounter with love birds

We went to tree top adventure right after. That extreme activity plus the beauty of nature makes me rock! We go to Canopy walk first and then the Canopy ride which is likes a cable car transferring you from one station to another  until you get in its end. And right after that is the most exciting part the Superman Zipline wherein you have to position like superman and it will makes you feel like one up in the air.
Photo from Manila Reviews

Canopy Walk

After those adventure I invited them to go to Duty Free, it is one of my goal actually. It is tax free so I seized it and Ouch my Pocket hurts after paying the bills Lolz and last spot we spent dinner at the ayala mall there particularly in Johny Rockets and that Burger meal I ordered satisfied my hungriness as the patty is so pure with meat plus my refillable Iced tea, I think I've had 5 glasses of it.

And what could you expect for that day? I don’t have any sleep at all and so we were so wasted at the Bus. We never seem to mind each other as we were deep asleep during that travel and I just woke up when we were in Malolos na. haha.

The day is so tiring and yet lots of fun. I could not ask for more whenever I am with my friends. And after that day after we just scolded our friend George sarcastically by not making it with us, we exchange funny stories for him to learn his lesson that he should’ve come. Haha

Ooohh! My back aches! And I even pretended sick at the office just to have a nap. Lolz. Ssssshhhhh 

and next destination with these friends? BORACAY I am so excited :)

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