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Monday, February 18, 2013

LCUP Graduate School Comprehensive Examination Results

I decided to enter the Graduate School Scheme of my profession as I wanted to feed it with more knowledge and learning thus I enrolled to one of the most reliable institution in Bulacan in providing Post Graduate Degree; The La Consolacion University Philippines.

I started last June of 2011 and finished earning necessary units last October of 2012 and with that we have to passed the Graduate School Comprehensive Examination for us to qualify for thesis writing and defense and just last January 19 and 26, we took the so called "board exam" of LCUP Graduate students as it comprises Biostatistics, Applied Research and Compilation of Major Subjects.

To tell you honestly I have been cramming on studying before the said examination. I don't have any idea what is the content of the exam, I don't what to study and I am not so certain that I will be able to answer it plus the fact that I have shift at work the night before and I got off the office by Saturday morning, thus I don't have any sleep at all but I still need to take the exam because I have to and I need too. and during those times (I have been vocal about it) that I won't make it; my mind is not feeding me the answers that I am needing and I know that my answers are not all correct.

Until the judgement day comes, February 16, 2012 Saturday. The results has been posted. I was sending text messages to all of my friends asking if I passed none of them replied, I am thinking I failed... I got sad but I am expecting it and I fell asleep and as I woke up my friends are already congratulating me and yes... Luckily, I passed and I even prayed for it that If I passed meaning this thing is really for me but if not, then not and I am not going to have the retake (that's my principle when I am taking any examinations just to make sure I'm gonna give my all to make it).

here's the photo of the list of passers with my name on it. I ought not to show other peoples name for their privacy.

But you know what? Yeah, I am happy but I am not satisfied with it because not all of us (me and my friends) passed and I feel my friends situation of not making it. Thus, I tried my best to motivate him and forget his sorrows for a while but I never forgot to tell him that he should question the results as there might be problems if there's none then retake it, that's what "unlimited take" means however we will all become an RN with MAN on it anyways.

We will all face the avoidable Thesis soon and we'll all be MAN (Master of Arts in Nursing) at the same time.

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