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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine: No Strings Attached

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February 14, Valentines Day isn't only for lovers. Sometimes it is most significant to those who's not in a relationship as I know that for once in their life, they have experienced having a valentine. 

Actually, even the person that I never thought also experienced to love and being loved has ever been there and I can say that I am envious because at least he felt it and at least somebody makes him feel so special.
“But seriously, have you ever been in love?” I intrigued my friend Justin one time when we decided not to go home yet and had a couple of tea instead. It has been a wonder to me if this guy , I mean gay ever been in love because of his personality. He is having a close window on being in a relationship and according to him, he is not planning to be in “as the way you talk it seems like you are not planning to offer your heart to anyone, why was that? Is there anything happened before that makes you be that way?” my follow up

“If girls were being fooled what more gay people?” It is his usual rationale and maybe he just really don’t wanted to get hurt.

"You haven't answered my first question yet" I am tormenting him.

“Of course! Yeah. I have been in love but I cannot say that I have been in a relationship though” that answer of him makes me so curious

“Really? You haven’t told me that yet! Come on! Tell me everything” I teased him and so he did

Oopps! let us have a background music for this lol

“Well actually I’ve been in love when I was in college and I can say that this guy is really special to me and I just wanted him be the last” Justin started his story and I am just there listening.

It all started with just a simple friendship and knowing Justin, he is such a jolly person that almost everybody would love to be his friend "and I just don’t know what happened next" he said. He said that he is thinking that what makes their friendship go deeper is the fact that they are living in the same town and they used to go home together and of course they have had a lot of moments together and stories shared as well and that what makes them closer and it came to a point that they are being issued because of their closeness and being teased by their classmates that there's some thing going on between the two of them, "and it makes me feel  like I was having a real long hair! Imagine, a straight hunk is being teased to me" as what Justin said

The guy name is Angelo and in fact he has a girl friend and in fact this girlfriend of Angelo is jealous of Justin and Angelo's Friendship it came to a point that they fought because of it but it never changed their freindship Angelo and Justin remains close. Angelo is even doing some lies to his girl just to see Justin in the library and after a couple to chat they'll go home together.  

To tell you honestly, our classmates were teasing us that we are really together and they're even asking me if something happened between the two of us but Angelo is such a perfect gentleman and as what Justin said "How I wish"

"Didn't you even kissed?" I was intrigued and as I asked him that question his face turns red. He was Guilty.

"Oh my! Don't tell this to anyone!" he warned me and the answer is yes! accidentally! it is supposed to be a joke, he is just trying if Angelo will avoid him but he lets him and that is their first and last kiss.

they've been on that situation until they had a fight and it's something personal that I cannot put the details in here. But the scenario is that Justin have to choose whether is Angelo or their group members who is so against of his participation in such activity, Justin chose what is right and left Angelo.

Angelo felt mad at him because he thought that Justin left him hanging and since that day, their closeness gets gone. and for almost a year they never talked, they avoid each other and their friendship seems wasted.

Until one day, Angelo sent him a text message asking him for a meet and so he hang up with him again but this time it is like a reconciliation and a farewell. They have been friends again but the sad fact is that after that day is their graduation and it seems like it will be one of the few days will see each other.

Their story never had the usual happy ending. Angelo is now happy with his girl and Justin never tried to enter the scene again as he wanted them to be together as they'll be having a lot better future together than them.

I know that this is kind of a Gay Story but I just wanted to let us all know that gay people have hearts too and they do fall in love seriously, and that there are still chances that somebody will still treat them special thus gay people shouldn't give up on waiting for their right one.

Another thing is that, it is not easy to be gay as yes! they do fall in love but most of the time they'll end up sacrificing as they all know that their love ones will have better things with a girl and that's what sad in here.

Justin believed that he should never be in a relationship as he has been hurt and he is contented and decided that Angelo will be his first and last romance.

Meanwhile, he is now enjoying flirting though. He is fond of embracing some of our male friends and with that it is not pretty obvious that he wants Angelo be his last. And up until now, I still doubt if it's true. LOL


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