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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Different Group of Friends

from Girl Friend Circles

“Tell me who you’re friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” a famous saying but do you believe in this statement as I personally don’t, wanna know why? As for me every people has different personality you friends is different too so how can you tell me who am I by just knowing them? Who knows? I may be juts hiding my real personality and I am just pretending to be one of them though I am really different.

I have numerous friends, they’re not that plenty but at least they’re not that few meaning to say I don’t have some like personality disorders that makes me lock up in just typical type of friends and I can assure you that most of them were true, ahaha am I doubting someone? Well, the important thing is at least I am true to them, I am not asking for something in return as it is up to their conscience and I am not doubting it’s just I am so real and I just don’t wanted to expect something from them much

And recently I have just realized that whenever I wanted to do something or go somewhere I have to think which of them I’ll invite first as I knew their personalities and the funny thing is that they’re all different and I just classified them accordingly.

Photo from Dreamstime
The Simple keep in touch Friends

They prefer going on a fast-food just to eat fries at Mc Donalds or Eat Spaghetti on Jollibee, share some pizza’s at Shakey’s or in any place you could have a conversation. They are different with Chill Gimik friends as they don’t prefer to drink but to eat.

Photo from Un-dependent
The Shopaholics Group of Friends

Those who prefer to go to the mall and go to every shop or boutiques and buy some stuff. They’re usually earning higher than me and my other friends thus they just swipe they’re cards all they wanted!

Photo of Arlene Collado
The Food Trip Friends
Those who invites you whenever they have found some good place to eat and aside from that place they’ll invite you another one maybe for dessert or something

Photo from Twilightseeker

The Getaway Friends

My friends who love to travel a lot! They’re the one who will just call you and tell you to prepare because soon you’ll go out with them

Photo from Heading There
The Party-Animal Friends

They’re my friends who never refuse when I am inviting them to go on the nearest bar and party all nigh long they prefer loud music and we’ll just dance.

Photo from Oregon Magazine
The Chill-Gimik type of Friends

They always invite you to go out however they prefer such place you could have conversation, totally different with my Party-goers

Photo of Kevin Londres

The House Party Friends

They prefer to invite you in their house and there you could do anything you want. Videoke Galore, Drink as much as you want or play silly games

Photo from Beer Universe
The Heavy Drinkers

They’re the one who invited you to drink, actually not just to drink but to drink a lot!

But though they are all different I love them all. Its just that I am humorous enough to classify them. Well, at least I do know who to invite if I wanted to party, to chill, to travel, to get drunk!, to eat, to share just some bottles of beer or to shop with. J

Next article would be the different type of my friends

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