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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Different Types of My Friends

Kudos to VanHuoung

In accordance to my blog My Different Group of Friends I suddenly came up on distinguishing what are my friends’ different distinguishable characteristics and I end up with a lot!

and to start with

from LongDeanWorldChallenge

The Slow

They most of the time thinks slowly, they analyze things not that quick and sometimes it brings humor and funs for us.

from Garapata
The Sosyal
From the word itself, these people are those who love luxurious things; designers bag (though some are Class A’s lol), Fancy restaurants, Loves to spend time in the coffee shops, and they have cars too. Well, I sometimes don’t like to hang out with them as I am a practical person but I’m loving it sometimes as they usually pay for our food most of the time and of course the convenience of their rides. Haha (user!!)  

from seantgreen

The Party Animal

Type of friend who loves on inviting me to party! To get drunk! To go to some events! I just love being with them. We lack talk during the party but partying all night long with them is superb, my stresses were being released

from LoadUniverse

The Adventurer

Those who wanted to explore the world. They’re the one who is always with me when I am in my out of town trip and after that they can’t wait to go to another one. I wonder if they are also considering that we are also working. It is not that easy to file a leave! hmpf

from FeelHowItFeels
  The Maldita

Friends who are like the kontrabida (antagonist) in a movie scene it seems like they wanted to oppress some characters. They are mostly irritated when they’re not satisfied and they will make you feel that you are wrong

from aion

The War Freak

They are worse than Maldita’s as they will really hit up on you if you hit them up and they’re gonna show you that you bump the wrong car. I am so tensed whenever I am with them

 The Ambisyosa

Type of friends who are so ambitious in life, they ought to work hard, study hard or even do anything just to be at the top and reach their dreams. They are my source of strength on achieving my goals. They inspires me



They are my friends whose family is so fortunate. They have lots of connections to some politicians and some big people. I feel so powerful whenever I am with them (user!!! Lol)


The Happy Go Lucky

They just go with the flow. They seem to never mind anything around them. It seems like they never had a problem and they are sometimes irritating as they never mind things though it is needing freaking solutions!

 The Dementor

Friends’ who are like they bear every problems of the world! Every time we’ll talk they always have a problem and sometimes they’re so irritating that I don’t like being with them for a while. But I understand them, they are just lacking of how to handle the situation


The Late Comer

I am one of them and they’re the one who can’t afford to make it on time whenever we have outing or just a nice meeting. I understand them, but sometimes their lates’ were so unjustifiable! Terrific!

The Ever Blessed

Type of people who is not actually putting so much effort, they are not that ambitious, they don’t wanted to be at the top however it seems like fate is the one pushing them. I envy these people!!


 The Heavy Drinker

They’re the one who drinks a lot whenever we’ll hang out. They always see to it that they’ll be screwed! Argh they doesn’t even realize who will take them home. Well that’s what friends are for. (anyway, am I not one of them? Lol)


The Super Sensitive

So matampuhin! They got irritated easily, they got mad so easily and they so needing attention. If you never invite them to your party they’ll get mad. If you forgot to include on your group messages they’ll surely get mad and up to the point that even with the smallest things that you did they will easily gets mad


The Mysterious

My friends wherein at this point I really don’t know who they really are! They are so mysterious and its seems like no one ever knew who they really were.


The Lack of Commitment

They will say yes if you invites them to go with you but when their laziness strikes they can easily tell you convincing reasons on why they can’t attend.

 The Competitive

For them, it seems like everything is a competition and that they wanted to be on top of the league always as if there are some gold bars waiting for the winner. It is not bad to be competitive but just put it on a right way


The Moody

They’re like the sensitives but these people just change their mood abruptly and they’re so Un-definable.

The Covetous

A Jealous type, their usual scripts are “Just go with your other group of friends” or “Maybe your other friends are better and funnier to be with” I do appreciate that they just don’t wanna lose you but it so irritating sometimes especially if it happens every time you are with them Argh! 


The Illusyunada

They’re my friends who love on telling stories that sometimes I don’t think so realistic. D’you know what I mean? I sometimes wonder if her boyfriend is real because I never met him nor seen a picture of them together. And certain stuff that will makes them above the others!

Paul the Counsellor
The Self Critic

If the Insekyora criticizes somebody, these people criticize themselves. They’re usually telling they’re so ugly and that’s maybe the reason why they’re still single. They will even tell you they’re fat though they’re not and I just don’t know how to deal with team to tell you honestly haha


The Event Coordinator

They are the one who likes to set up a get together and good thing with them is whenever they’re the one who is inviting nobody can refuse. I commend they’re invitational power huh?!


The pa-Humble

They’re the one who has been forever blessed and yet they’ll tell you “It’s not mine, It’s my parents” though they’re parents gave those luxurious things to them and sometimes with their excellent works they’ll just tell you “It’s just my luck” Oooh! I wish I could have that everyday luck too Lol

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The Intriguera

They’re like showbiz talk show host that they know the latest gossips and sometimes they build their own, they sometimes suspect and that will be the initiation of the gossip. I love being with them as I am self confessed Intriguera too Lol

Norweigian Dating
 The Flirt

People who likes hanging out with people they don’t know that much. They will talk to somebody they just met and it scares me much! I cannot defend for them that much if ever a problem came in what if those guys are maniacs or something   


The Activist
They love on protesting everything especially if it does not satisfies them. Even with the smallest things; in a fast food restaurants if the service is not that good they’ll surely tell that to the managers, what more with bigger issues right? It is so stressful being with them sometimes hahaha


 The Insekyora

They love to criticize people. on how their hair does not fit their personality. On how people dresses, or how make ups make them looks like a clown (I am a bit insekyora) but they put it in a funny way, not to the point that they’re so seriously irritated of those people. 

4 Thrill

The User
They are not that good to be with but we cannot avoid the fact that there are some friends who are just there whenever they need your help.

But no matter what my characteristics of my friends are, I see to it that I understand them and I accept them for who they are. They are my friends and my obligation is to accept them and be the best friend I could be. I love all of them no matter who they are. 


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