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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Senatoriable Cynthia Villar offends Nurses

Got this from PinoyExchange

GMA NewsTV one of the most trusted league of broadcasters in the Philippines is constantly conducting ways on how we would be able to know better politicians especially those who were running for it and if the election is coming and this year since it will be another Senatoriable election, they have formulated the program they called “Eleksyon 2013” wherein there are these group of respectable newscaster who will ask senator candidates and will give them ample time to answer it with all their might.

Last February 23, 2013, Friday Mrs. Cynthia Villar, wife of senator Manny Villar and a former congresswoman in Las Pinas has been delegated to answer the question of Mareng Winnie Monsod and it is about the issue last 2006 on why she (as the committee of congress on education) stopped Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to close some of the so-called incompetent school who are not performing in Licensure Examination and her answer was…

I feel so disappointed with this woman. I remember her husband campaign ads when he is running as a president of the Philippines way back 2010 and one of his priorities are nurses as this man knew that nurses are being exploited and what he wants is to give them what they deserve but his wife is totally different, and as a Nurse I felt so humiliated after hearing all of her statements.

I really don’t know why there are lots of people who were seeing nurses as if we are just their servants where in fact we mastered their healthcare in college and give them care and nourishment and yet they are just looking at us just as it is. How I wish Ms. Villar would be admitted in the hospital and will be taken cared of a nurse who is “di kailangan magaling” (no need to be that competent) as what she said.

Mrs. Villar, we are dealing with life and actually our test papers: quizzes, midterms, finals, return demonstrations, diagnostic examinations, mock board exams, battery exams, board exams etc are all in 75% passing rate because as we are dealing with life, we shouldn’t commit any error as much as possible and yet you are saying that we don’t have to be that competent.

Mrs. Villar, not all nurses just wanted to go abroad and if that is your perception then we don’t need a politician or leader like you because you really didn’t even know that the reason they’re going there is because of the exploitation they are experiencing here that I think you don’t have plans on fixing and just keep on sending us out.

And Mrs. Villar, you shouldn’t be voted. You don’t have respect to the people around you. Yet you are fortunate but you don’t have the right to degrade people especially with their profession and if that’s how you think then you will surely be a croco-corrupt politician that we are so tired of having

It is not that we nurses are so soft hearted but if you would just fill in our shoes, after the disrespect, exploitation, and inactivity to prevent that nurses exploitation by the government… we still serve you with all our might but then do we still deserve this kind of humiliation?

Now, before you vote people please think of which candidate you think will help us all. We don’t have to be blinded with their TV ads and appearances; we shouldn’t be fooled by their previous works because that might be just propaganda to earn votes. Let us all consider first their humanness, respect and care because those are the quality of a politician that can help us all.

I therefore conclude that sometimes we don't have to trust businessmen, because most of the time they are the most heartless person. They just wanted to earn, no matter if it will degrades you.

And if my blog will be hack one day, then you know why it happens okay?? lol

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