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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Maybe "Being in a Relationship" is not for me

from fredshead
I never been in any relationship before, and whenever my friends heard it they'll tell me "Talaga?" (Really?) is it impossible for people like to never have one... but then after a while they'll just tell me and conclude "Ah, kaya pala..." (No wonder..) and I'll end up asking back "why?" 

I can't even think of a reason why I never been in any relationship though there are some attempts. I've been dating and none of them works and I forgot to ask myself why we never worked?

Just this last August one of my friends set me up for a blind date and of course I am excited coz the blind date has the looks and base on the background of my friend: He seem to be a professional and very serious.

It was a 4 hour date with this person and after the date my friend asked me "How was it?" and I just said "It's okay" yeah! it is just okay but it is not that excited like when I was informed that he set me up for a date. I don't know what happened. I think it is just we are not that compatible. There are things that I don't like and this person do. I don't know.

Then this friend set me up for another date and this time this person and I went to a party. Well I was impressed at first since I am a party go-er but I was disappointed again after that first met as this person would like me to answer his queries if I like him or not.

My friend said that this person like me much (I have a long hair... aha) and beg if we could go for a second date. I forgave him as I thought that maybe we could work the second time around. But then my assumes aren't correct.

after these dates I found out that there is something wrong with myself. There is this thing that there are a lot of things that i dislike in a person and unfortunately I figured it out to them and I assume that we'll never work if they do have those attitude and I know that I am not ready to adjust for them and with that It make me think that I am really not ready to be committed. 

I might not getting younger but I know that If it is really not for me then maybe it is really not... I know that there will come a time wherein i could accept that I have to change for someone who will have me and hold me but for now, I will enjoy staying single and if this person will come then Thanks! :)

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