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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Remember the Night after the Proposal??

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Just last October 23, 2013 (Wednesday) I have written an article about Partying: The Night After our Thesis Proposal as we have succesfully passed our Thesis proposal some weeks ago. After several weeks we decided to meet again and of course it'll lead us to party all night long.

It was actually last Saturday when we decided to party again and since we arrived late as one of our friends has been so busy with his first lovelife, we have to wait for him for so long and since it has been taking him so long we (with my other friend) go first to the club and since it's late, we don't have any chairs to hang with but in the bartenders side. It's too crowdy I'm telling you but that what's makes the night so fun and there are lots of people who were so new. 

I also mentioned on my previous blog entry that I have this not-so-good-encounter with an individual and this night I've seen this guy again. One of my friends (the gay one with the lovelife) keeps on dancing as that what he's up to and this guy is just looking at him. unlike before wherein he approaches him and there the commotion happens but this night is so different the guy is just looking and maybe he is now aware of what happened last time. 

When my friends left and I was left alone somebody grabbed me to dance, I just danced with them as a courtesy but I never stayed that long... They're not my type ahaha but I've been friendly they introduced themselves and I introduce myself as well and they offered me a drink. Then after this casual conversation and I went back to our place, (We've found a table thanks to my thick-face as I make friends to some just to share tables with them aha) this guy approaches me and show a "Peace Sign" and now I know that he is now aware of what happened last time and everything went more formal. he introduced himself and offered me a drink and toast as well. We even met outside and had a small talk and then we (with my friends) left and went to some food stop to have a small chitchat.

Well, at least there are some realization from such person like him who offended others and is willing to reconcile proactively. 

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