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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Partying: The Night after our Thesis Proposal

I bet that you have read on my previous article (My Thesis Proposal) that we have successfully passed and was approved for thesis proposal right? It was actually last September 6, 2013 and it was friday and so we decided to of course to celebrate our victory at that night.
thanks to Free Vector for the image

As usual we had that celebration on our favorite party place in Malolos as it is a very good place, very accessible and the price of the products are very much reasonable and of course the place never disappoint us. Oh! I've been loving loud music plus couple of beers when I am getting old haha

We are always going in this bar. In fact, most of the crews, managers and people who love to hang out in this bar could recognize us whenever we get in and we keep on coming back because of the good party it brings us but I guess not that particular night and let me tell you what happened...

There are these couple of guys sitting near us that night and since one of my friends is just dancing humorously I think they enjoyed what he is doing (this friend is gay) and one of these guys approaches my friend to dance with and so they did, until it has been a bit dirty and at some point one of my friends told me that one of them are being foul and so I tried to stop these guys by pulling my friend out of them and just dance with them instead and when they're like doing the same thing to me I raised my hand to tell them that "Stop! It's not my thing!" and so I exit and go with my friends and drink with them some more.

Few moments later these guys invited my other friend to dance with them again, and suddenly somebody at my back pulled me to dance with him, well, unlike the first one this guy just want pure dancing but he likes to dance with me in a position that he is like hugging me on my back and me not facing on him and because he is kinda cute my friend approaches us and dance with him and the guys dancing with my friends pulled me in to dance with them and this time a particular guy (I will never forget his face) been so foul in a way that you wouldn't ever imagine that a guy would do, then I was pissed and I pushed him with his shoulders and it makes him step back a little and I wanted to hit him that time its just that one of my friends stopped me and I just thought that I don't wanted to make a scene and ruin my night just because of him.

Though this guy approaches us and appologizes my night has been ruined though I told him it's okay and just left the bar after a while.

I know that I was in a bar and there will be people like this but c'mon I've danced with a lot of people there before and I know that I would'nt act that way if what he did is not offensive. No one in this world has the prerogative to disrespect others regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, socio-economic status etc and if you are educated enough you should know how to give that damn respect. 

I have told my friends about this after that night just to tell me how that guy pissed me off. 

"So does this mean, you are not going back anymore?" my friend asked

And so I just say "did I say anything like that?"

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